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Original Mistico returns to Arena Mexico (Updated)

As reported earlier today, Urive, was announced as wrestling on a 10/25 show at the arena, promoted by Lucha Libre Elite.

He came to the ring and cut an interview right before the Universal title block B tournament matches were to start.

Although he pretty well turned heel, but was more a tweener in AAA, he acted like a babyface here.

This is a very interesting move because Lucha Libre Elite only runs scattered shows, while AAA is the biggest television wrestling promotion in Mexico right now, and he was in the middle of a program with Rey Mysterio Jr.

In what was essentially Mexico's version of Lex Luger showing up on the first Nitro, Luis Urive did an interview at last night's Arena Mexico show, after having worked the night before on a AAA show in Xalapa.  He was not booked for AAA last night, but is scheduled for a show tonight in Veracruz.

Urive, who was a huge drawing card in Mexico as Mistico, then signed with WWE as the first Sin Cara, and after that went to AAA, where he was known as Myzteziz.  Originally he was brought in as the top star in AAA, but with he signing of Alberto El Patron and Rey Mysterio Jr., he had fallen to No. 3, and then turned heel, then tweener, with his role to feud with Mysterio Jr.

Urive came out, never said his name, and the announcers never acknowledged his appearance in later commentary in the Universal title match that followed. He came out with his ring music, and talked about how he was born at Arena Mexico and that since he left, nobody has been able to get to his level.  AAA owns the name Myzteziz, and he did acknowledge that once he left AAA, he would no longer use that name. CMLL owns the name Mistico, but has another wrestler using that name.

It was announced that he would be appearing for Elite Lucha Libre on 10/25 at Arena Mexico, a promotion that runs occasional big shows in the building and advertises with CMLL. But it makes no sense for him to walk about of AAA, where he was in a key feud with Rey Mysterio Jr., which was planned to build to next year's TripleMania main event, just to do one match.  The impression is that he'll eventually be back with CMLL.

Urive, under his mask, talked with the press after and said he would work the rest of his AAA dates announced, but was leaving the promotion after that.  It's unclear if AAA would even want him on those shows given they were blind sided by this move.  He was booked on an  AAA show on 10/25 in Durango.

AAA, which taped television last night, hasn't made any comments at this point.