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MLW and AAA to co-promote show in Mexico next month

As part of the working relationship between the two companies, MLW and Lucha Libre AAA are co-promoting a show together for the first time.

It was announced today that the MLW/AAA co-promoted show will take place at Auditorio Fausto Gutierrez in Tijuana, Mexico on Friday, March 13. MLW noted that information about the card and tickets for the show will be revealed soon.

The working partnership between MLW and AAA was first announced in November. MLW wrote today that "this collaboration between the two organizations continues Major League Wrestling’s strategic alliances with international federations to create a unified global system to help introduce the sport to new markets, exchange talent, collaborate on content and develop opportunities for fans, athletes and the sport."

MLW previously worked with The Crash Lucha Libre in Mexico.

MLW announced a new working relationship with a promotion in Japan this past weekend, with it being revealed that MLW is now partnered with Dragon Gate.