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MLW reviving Underground TV series in mid-July

MLW announced Tuesday they are reviving their Underground TV series starting on Saturday, July 11th, the first time they have been on TV in 17 years.

The series will follow the eight episode Anthology series that has filled in the gap since Fusion went dark due to the pandemic. 

The release said the episodes "will air in their original unedited form in sequential episodic order and feature the touchstone moments that established Major League Wrestling." 

The show will be available on BeIN Sports, YouTube, and other MLW platforms like DAZN, FreeSports in the UK, and in over 20 countries abroad.

The hour-long series lasted 34 episodes from April 2003 through February 2004 on Florida's Sunshine Network and featured Joey Styles as the host and play-by-play commentator. Fans will see matches from CM Punk, Terry Funk, Satoshi Kojima, Vampiro, Chris Daniels, Daniel Bryan, Dusty Rhodes, Mikey Whipwreck, The S.A.T., and more.

The first show will be headlined by Chris Daniels vs. Vampiro from the ECW Arena in Philadelphia, PA.