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MLW Anthology video & results: The Von Erichs

The Big Takeaway:

The final Anthology of the series featured the current MLW tag team champions, Ross and Marshall Von Erich. The first match saw the pair team with “Filthy” Tom Lawlor and Low Ki as they entered the War Chamber to battle CONTRA Unit. Later, we saw the brothers capture the tag team titles against MJF and Richard Holliday from the Superfight pay-per-view.

Show Review:

CONTRA Unit interrupted the opening video to say they will be going on a world rampage and are specifically targeting Davey Boy Smith Jr. 

“Filthy” Tom Lawlor, Low Ki, Marshall Von Erich and Ross Von Erich (w/team captain Kevin Von Erich) defeated CONTRA Unit (World Champion Jacob Fatu, Josef Samael, Ikuro Kwon and Simon Gotch in the MLW War Chamber (30:19)

MLW Fusion episode 75 | September 15, 2019 | Dallas, TX

This followed the traditional War Games rules with two competitors starting and the coin toss winning team gaining the one-man advantage throughout the alternating entrances. The finish could only take place when all eight men are in the ring with win coming by pinfall, submission, or surrender. It was a single ring cage with no roof, but barbed wire circled the top to stop anyone entering or exiting.

Gotch and Marshall Von Erich were in first and fought for the first five minutes. Kevin Von Erich came out with Marshall and got a huge ovation from the Dallas crowd. Marshall had a quick start but the two soon slowed it down to pace themselves for the long match ahead.

Samael was out for CONTRA next and after another brief flurry from Marshall, CONTRA used the advantage to break him down. They stayed in control until Lawlor came out to even the odds. Lawlor and Marshall immediately got the upper hand but after only two short minutes, MLW Champion Fatu came in for CONTRA to swing the momentum back their way.

Marshall and Lawlor went straight for the champ, but Fatu caught Lawlor off the top with a Samoan drop and slammed Marshall with a big uranage. He hit his handspring moonsault on both his opponents, kicking and squashing Lawlor against the cage before moonsaulting on Marshall. Samael then bit Lawlor's ear for good measure.

Low Ki evened the odds next. On arrival, he slammed the cage door on Samael -- a little nod to the Dallas history with the Freebirds and Von Erichs. In the corner, he slammed elbows to the top of Gotch's head but CONTRA soon took back control once again.

Their advantage increased with the fourth and final member of CONTRA, Kwon. He went straight to Low Ki and they exchanged kicks and strikes. We were told Ross Von Erich was suffering from the flu as the countdown to his arrival started. Ross entered like a house on fire as the Von Erich entrance song blasted in the arena. He floored Gotch, Samael, and Kwon as Marshall claw slammed Gotch. Samael was bleeding heavily from the door shot from Low Ki earlier. Ross reversed a pop-up powerbomb with a hurricanrana on Fatu, but the champion came back and remained strong. He choked Ross with his wrist tape soon after.

With all competitors present, the match broke down into a hard-hitting and exhausting brawl. Lawlor eventually got the champion down in the corner and hit a basement dropkick for a two count. Marshall slammed Fatu and then dropped Kwon on top of him for good measure. Samael mouthed off at Kevin through the cage, but was battered by Marshall afterward. Fatu had Ross up for a Samoan drop but Marshall briefly applied the claw only to have the champion fight out and spin Ross around so he would accidentally kick his brother in the head.

Fatu then successfully hit his big pop-up Samoan drop. Samael and Ki climbed the cage and Samael had his face rammed into the barbed wire. A masked rogue CONTRA member tried to climb the cage on the outside but Kevin pulled him down and applied the claw to take him down.

Lawlor had Samael in a rear naked choke, but Samael broke the hold when he jabbed a spike into Lawlor's hand. Kwon then sprayed mist into Lawlor's eyes and Fatu hit him with a superkick and triple jump moonsault. Low Ki made the pinfall save at the last moment with a double foot stomp on Fatu.

Marshall saved his brother from a Gotch piledriver and applied the iron claw, pulling Gotch into the corner. Ross went underneath and lifted Gotch on his shoulders. Marshall, still applying the claw, went to the top rope and they slammed him to the middle of the ring. They pinned Gotch to the delight of the Dallas crowd. Kevin then joined the winning team to celebrate.

Marshall & Ross Von Erich defeated The Dynasty (MJF & Richard Holliday) to win the MLW tag team titles in a Texas Tornado match (9:44)

MLW Superfight | November 2nd, 2019 | Chicago, IL

This opened the PPV of Superfight and got the night off to a hot start. MJF and Holliday mouthed off at the crowd to rile them up before the Von Erichs came in and cleared the ring. MJF received a nice “shut the f*ck up” chant from the Chicago crowd after his opening remarks.

Ross and Marshall ran wild with a pair of dropkicks and then sent the Dynasty to the outside where they brawled. However, Marshall was taken out with a ring bell shot and a market crash on the ring apron. Holliday and MJF beat down Ross 2-on-1 with a double whip to the corner and a 2008, Holliday's rotating suplex, as MJF continued jaw jacking with the referee about slow three counts.

The Dynasty double suplexed Ross from the apron into the ring and their frustrations grew at not being able to put the Von Erich brother away.

Marshall shook off the ring bell shot to fire up and double clothesline MJF and Holliday, evening the score for his brother. They hit stereo cannonballs in the corners before slamming Holliday with a double hip toss slam. MJF pushed Marshall off the top rope to take back the advantage and in a nice spot, Holliday superplexed Ross and MJF followed with a top rope splash, but Marshall broke up the double pin attempt with a big moonsault onto all three men piled up.

The Von Erichs picked up the win and the titles soon thereafter with a claw assisted slam on MJF.

Pulp Fusion

The modern day MLW stars checked in with their weekly update to close the show.

  • The Parks (LA Park, El Hijo de LA Park, LA Park Jr) talked about Salina de la Renta's return to MLW and her owing money to some powerful people. 
  • The Von Erichs wished us a happy 4th of July.
  • “Filthy” Tom Lawlor and Dominic Garrini were Skype calling and laughing at Kevin Von Erich's list of title accomplishments. Garrini was, as always, dressed in his gi. Lawlor questioned and laughed at Kevin's Wrestling Observer match of the year win from 1984, saying, “What does that guy know? He's no Mike Johnson." Team Filthy also have a new sponsor: Kookies and Kream. They want to use the extra revenue to either buy their own fight island or expand Team Filthy with a new member. It also looks like Lawlor is on his way to Kauai, Hawaii, which just happens to be the home of the Von Erichs. 
  • de la Renta said Konnan being all up in her business is bad for Konnan and that he stinks of both desperation and weed. 
  • Mance Warner was drinking his light beers after fighting and whipping the ass of Teddy the Bear.
  • Calvin Tankman is not going to stop until he has gold around his waist. He is coming and taking it all. 
  • Richard Holliday was back in the woods of the country club looking for his golf ball again. He had a 4th of July party coming up that Savio Vega was invited to but he was given the wrong address. How dastardly. 
  • Jordan Oliver announced he was entering the MLW heavyweight division and had some choice words for heavyweight champion Jacob Fatu. He said he will take his belt and then will slap Simon Gotch in the face with it. 
  • Alexander Hammerstone was lifting weights ahead of his competition. 
  • Myron Reed said it is time for another “Greatest Of All Time” to rise up just like Muhammad Ali. He said he will change the sport, he will right all the injustices, and he will be the greatest of all time.

Next week:

MLW Underground returns with Chris Daniels vs. Vampiro from the ECW Arena.


Pulp Fusion: