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Bellator 165 live results: Michael Chandler vs. Benson Henderson; Fedor vs. Mitrione announced

Bellator MMA returns to San Jose, CA, for a big show featuring a big lightweight title fight between Michael Chandler and former UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson.

Chandler (15-3) is gunning for his fourth straight win and the first title defense of his second lightweight title reign. He regained the belt by defeating Patricky "Pitbull" Freire in June, his third straight finish in three fights.

Henderson (24-6) already has his second title shot in three fights and is looking for his best Bellator outing to date. After being dispatched by Andrei Koreshkov in an unsuccessful bid for the welterweight title, Henderson earned the shot in a fluke win over Patricio Pitbull earlier this year. 

In the co-main event, Michael Venom Page continues his ascension toward the top of the welterweight ranks if he can beat veteran Fernando Gonzalez. 

Also on the main show, Keri Anne Melendez -- the wife of UFC lightweight Gilbert Melendez -- makes her MMA debut.

Our live cageside coverage will kick off with the main card at 9 p.m. EST.



First round:  Low kick by Vassell and Carmont back.  Leftby Vassell and body kick by Carmont.   Vassell went for a takedown.  He’s on top in mount.  Now Vassell has his back with a body triangle.  Vassell threw a few punches.  He’s working for a choke as time runs out.  10-9 Vassell.

Second round:  Carmont with a body kick.  Anotehr body kick by  Carmont.  Carmont got a takedown.  Now he’s working on getting Vassell’s back.  Carmont his Vassell’s back and trying to get a choke.  Vassell reversed and now has Carmont’s back.  Vassell working for a choke.   Vassell throwing elbows from that position.   Vassell punching.  Finally the crowd is booing.  It took this crowd longer than most as there are crowds who would have destroyed this fight by now.  20-18 Vassell.

Third round:  Vassell with a few punches.  Vassell working for a takedown.  Carmont ended up on top but Vassell scrambled back up.  Vassell with punches.  Vassell took him down and got his back.  Vassell  again working for a choke.  Carmont up with 32 seconds left but he looks exhausted.  Carmont needs a knockout to win and he’s walking away.  Vassell 30-27.

Scores:  30-26, 30-26 and 30-25 for Vassell.    


First round:  Melendez got a real big reaction as her husband was one of the stars who built MMA in this building.  Melendez cracked her with a  right hook to the jaw and one hard punch on the ground and it’s over.  :47


First round:  Piccolotti with a low kick and body kick.  Front kick by Piccolotti and a jumping knee.  Another jumping knee and Girtz threw him down.  Front kick by Piccolotti and Fritz back with a punch.  Piccolotti with a right.  Girtz hurt him with a right.  Low kick by Piccolotti.  Body kick by Piccolotti.  Left by Girtz.  Lefft by Girtz.  Knee by Piccolotti and a hard right  and kick to the face and Girtz back.  The crowd is going nuts.  Piccolotti 10-9

Second round:  Girtz with a right.  Left by Girtz.  Body kick by PIccolotti.  Left by Girtz.  Knee by Piccolotti.  Body shot by Girtz.  Both missing punches.  Piccolotti with a takedown.  Now he’s got his back.  Girtz back up.  Knee by Piccolotti.  Jumping knee by Piccolotti.  Piccolotti 20-18.

Third round:  Piccolotti landed a left.  Piccolotti with a body kick.  Gritz with a right.  Left by  Girtz.  Left by Piccollotti.  Piccolotti went for a takedown but Girtz on top and landed punches.  Piccolotti back up.  Girtz with a right.  Low kick by by Piccolotti.  Girtz’s right leg is all bruised up. Girtz landed a big right and is chasing him down.  Hard slam by Girtz.  Girtz landing elbows and Piccolotti working for a heel hook.  Gritz with hard body shots and now landing punches from the top.  Girtz’s round 10-9.   Good fight.  29-28 Piccolotti.

Scores:  All three judges had it 29-28 for Piccolotti

They just announced Fedor Emelianenko vs. Matt Mitrione for February 18 in San Jose at the SAP Center.  Fedor was here, sweater in tow.  He's signed a multi-fight deal with Bellator.


First round:  Hard kick by Page t the right shoulder.  Page showboating around.  Crowd booing quickly here.  Right by Page.  Not much happening and crowd is booing.  Page threw a knee that missed.  Page landed a kick just as the round ended.  10-9 Page but almost 10-10.

Second round:  Nothing happening this round either.  MVP shook his butt and got booed  Crowd booing heavy.  Page slipped and Gonzalez landed a punch before he got up.  Page is just not fighting.  Page threw a knee at the end of the round.  Could easily be a 10-10 but I’ll go with Gonzalez since he did land a punch so 19-19 after two.

Third round:  Spin kick missed and Gonzalez going for a takedown.  Uppercut by Gonzalez.  I have no idea what got into Page but he’s not fighting.  Gonzalez moving forward and Page moving backards.  He’s giving away this fight against a guy he was booked to easily beat.  The ref is warning Page about not fighting.  Page threw a few jabs.  Gonzalez has him against the fence going for a takedown.  Crowd booing this like crazy.  Gonzalez 29-28.

Scores:     29-28 Page 30-27 Gonzalez 29-28 Page.  Crowd hated that Page won.  Never has a guy deserved to win a fight less.    


First round:  Henderson tagged him with a right and Chandler with a body kick.  Body kick by Chandler.  Body kick by Henderson and he slipped and fell down.  Right by Chandler.  Body kick by Chandler.  Dueling chants believe it or not.  Hard uppercut by Chandler and he missed wildly on a follow up.  Chandler landed an uppercut.  Chandler threw Henderson down.  Chandler landing punches, Unreal German suplex by Chandler.   Chandler is going for a choke.  Chandler landing body punches as Henderson is down.  Hard punch by Chandler and another.  Cadlenr with a guillotine.  Henderson out but Chandler landed another good punch.  Chandler with a hard right on the ground.  Henderson back up and Chandler threw him down.  Henderson shot in and Chandler with another guillotine attempt.  Henderson out and throwing body punches.  Chandler 10-9.  Great round.

Second round:  Low kick by Henderson.  Another low kick by Henderson.  Hard body kick by Chandler.  Knee by Henderson.  Henderson dropped him with a right.  Body kick by Henderson.  Left by Henderson.  Right by Henderson.  Chandler’s left leg is all bruised up.  Chandler hurt him with a right.  Hard body kicks by Chandler.  Henderson kicked him in the groin.  Side kicks by Henderson.  Hard right by Chandler  Body kick and punch by Chandler.  Henderson needs to do something about his hair getting in his eyes.  Body kick by Henderson.  Knee by Henderson.  Close round to Henderson 19-19.

Third round:  Henderson with a right and a body kick.  Hard body shot by Chandler.  Henderson went for a takedown.  Hard body kick by Chandler.  Right by Chandler.  Head kick by Henderson.  Henderson shot in for a takedown.  Chandler  again got a guillotine.  Henderson out of trouble but Chandler is on top.  Chandler got his back.  Henderson threw a  high kick.   Chandler’s round 29-28.

Fourth round:  Henderson with a right.  Chandler picked him up and slammed him.  Chandler on top.  Chandler riding and Henderson back up.  Henderson with a knee and Chandler took him back down.  Henderson went for an armlock but Chandler out.  Chandler riding him.  Henderson throwing elbows to the body and got Chandler’s back and working for a choke.  Chandler reversed to the top.  Chandler’s round 39-37.  Good finish to the round.

Fifth round:  Body kick by Chandler.  Right by Chandler.  Left by Henderson.  Henderson with a nice right and a good body shot.  Jumping knee by Henderson and Henderson took him down and got his back.  Henderson is working for a choke.  Hendeson with a body triangle.  Chandler reversed to the top.  Henderson back on top with elbows.  Henderson with punches and elbows from the top.  Henderson with a knee.  Henderson’s round I’ve got 48-47 Chandler but there were close rounds.

Scores:  48-46 Chandler boos.  48-46 Henderson 48-47 Chandler.  Fans booed the decision.

Chandler talked about a rematch with Henderson but issued a direct challenge  to Josh Thomson.