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NJPW Road to New Beginning results: NEVER Six-Man title match

NJPW's Road to the New Beginning tour continued today in Tokyo's Korakuen Hall. 

A NEVER Openweight Six-Man Tag Team title match headlined, while opponents for Sunday's New Beginning in Osaka show squared off in tag matches underneath. 

Here are full results and match recaps:


Tsuji's right shoulder was heavily taped. Uemura took most of the match, working over the injured shoulder. Lots of ground work. Solid technical wrestling on display here in the opener. 

Uemura used a crab, but Tsuji forced a break. Tsuji got the best of a striking exchange, then continued firing strikes with a grounded Uemura in the ropes. 

Tsuji hit the ropes, but ran right into a dropkick. Uemura tried an underhook suplex, Tsuji blocked. Uemura hit the underhook suplex into a bridge on the second attempt for the pin. 


This was similar to the match these two had last weekend. The two have wrestled before in the U.K. and have good chemistry. ELP gave Kidd a lot more offense than a Young Lion would typically get against a veteran. 

Kidd scored a knockdown after a drop down and leapfrog sequence. ELP went to work on Kidd's back and groin with his comedy stomps and back raking. Kidd came back and hit a dropkick and hit some stomps in the corner. 

ELP cut Kidd off with a superkick, then hit a frog splash. ELP had Kidd pinned, but pulled him up after a two count, opting to try for his CR2 instead. Kidd used a jackknife cover for a two count, then an inside cradle for another near fall. 

ELP then hit an enzuigiri and used the CR2 for the pin. This was an entertaining variation on the typical Young Lion squash. 


These old guys (and Henare) went out there and tried to have the best eight minute undercard tag match of all time. The effort was there. Henare was the only guy who didn't hit a move off the turnbuckles.

Nakanishi and Henare started out by locking up, then trading strikes. Henare tried to put Nakanishi in his own Argentinian Backbreaker, but Nakanishi fought it off, then hit a spear. Both tagged out. 

Tenzan and Honma squared off. Tenzan hit Mongolian chops. Nakanishi entered for an illegal double team. He took a swing at Henare on the apron and hit the referee, who took half a bump. Tenzan hit a kokeshi to Honma. Nakanishi hit a spear. 

Honma managed a tag to Henare, who used a slam on Tenzan for a two count. Henare hit Mongolian chops to Tenzan. Tenzan came back with a wheel kick, then tagged Nakanishi. 

Nakanishi used a short-arm lariat on Henare, then another lariat for a near fall. Nakanishi put Henare in the Argentinian Backbreaker. Honma jumped in to break it up. Henare hit Nakanishi with a vertical suplex. 

Honma and Tenzan tagged back in. Honma ducked a lariat and hit a tackle. Honma hit chops, a bulldog, then a kokeshi. Henare entered for a double team. Honma and Henare hit a combination kokeshi/leg sweep for a near fall. 

Nakanishi and Henare brawled on the floor. Honma missed a kokeshi off the second rope and sold his neck. Nakanishi jumped in and hit Honma with a lariat. Nakanishi hit a chop off the top rope to Honma. Tenzan then hit a MOONSAULT to Honma for the pin. 


SHO and YOH defend the Jr. Heavyweight Tag titles against Despy and Kanemaru on Sunday, so the story here was that Kanemaru and Desperado wanted to soften up their opponents. 

They had a great brawl, which is probably not what you would expect with these teams. Sabre and Ospreay had a great technical wrestling sequence as well. 

Ospreay, SHO and YOH hit stereo pescados just before the opening bell. Ospreay dragged Sabre into the crowd and rammed him into the famed EAST sign. 

In the ring, YOH went to work on Kanemaru with strikes. Ospreay got a tag and hit a slam for a near fall. Sabre made it back to the ring and the match broke down into a brawl around ringside. When the dust cleared, Suzuki-gun was in charge, working over SHO's left leg. 

After a lengthy beatdown of SHO, Ospreay and Sabre tagged in. They had a great mat wrestling sequence, trading cradles and clutches for near falls. 

YOH and Desperado tagged in and had an intense exchange of slaps and strikes. YOH teased a dragon suplex, but then hit a bridging German for a near fall. YOH went for a falcon arrow. Desperado slipped behind, then hit a misdirection spear. 

SHO and Ospreay jumped in to save YOH. Ospreay hit a mid kick and a standing corkscrew moonsault for a near fall, with Kanemaru and Sabre saving. 

SHO and YOH hit stereo knees on Desperado. They tuned up the band for the 3K, but Kanemaru jumped in and spit whiskey in YOH's eyes. Desperado then used a chair on SHO for the DQ. 

Ospreay ran in and cleared the ring. He kicked a chair into Desperado, then kicked Sabre off the apron. Sabre tried to run back in and hit Ospreay with a chair, but Ospreay blocked and hit a high kick. 


Suzuki-gun used their standard attack before the opening bell. They brawled around ringside and into the crowd. Taichi used a chair on Okada. Makabe was the legal man. They teased a countout, but Makabe made it back in. 

Taichi choked Makabe. Suzuki tagged in and teased a Gotch-style piledriver. Makabe escaped and hit a lariat. Okada got a tag. He laid out Taichi with a DDT, then hit an interfering DOUKI with a flapjack. 

Okada missed a Woo dropkick. Taichi answered with a backdrop suplex. Taichi hit a buzzsaw kick for a near fall. Okada escaped a powerbomb attempt and hit a dropkick. Taguchi got a tag and hit a hip attack, then pulled Taichi's tear-away pants off. Just a tremendous spot. 

DOUKI got a tag. Suzuki assisted with a double team. DOUKI hit a springboard double stomp for a near fall. Makabe jumped in and hit a double lariat. Okada hit a shotgun dropkick to Taichi on the apron. 

DOUKI went for suplex de la luna, but Taguchi used a victory roll for a near fall. Taguchi hit a Bomaye, then used Dodon for the pin. 

Suzuki went after the ringside attendants with a chair after the match. 


KENTA and Naito began. KENTA stalled. White attacked Naito from behind, Bullet Club cleared the opposing apron, then stomped Naito down in the ring. They then took the fight into the crowd. Back inside, Ishimori used a neck crank on Naito. 

White got a tag and took Naito back outside, where he repeatedly rammed him into the barricade and the ring frame. KENTA got a tag and hit some stomps, then a draping DDT. This was kind of a night off for Naito, as he just laid on the mat and took some stomps most of the way. 

KENTA missed a double stomp off the top. SANADA and white got tags. SANADA put Gedo in the paradise lock on the floor. SANADA sent White into the guardrail. Back inside, he tried for the paradise lock on White, but Switchblade blocked. 

White pulled SANADA down by the hair, then hit some stomps. White hit a death valley driver for a near fall. White and SANADA did a series of TKO and Blade Buster teases before tagging Ishimori and Hiromu. 

Ishimori tried a handspring kick. Hiromu blocked and hit a German, but Ishimori landed on his feet, then hit the handspring kick. White jumped in and hit a Blade Buster. Ishimori covered for a near fall. 

KENTA, Naito, White and SANADA brawled to the floor. Ishimori hit Hiromu with a knee strike. Hiromu answered with an overhead throw into the buckle, then tagged Naito. Naito hit a top rope frankensteiner for a near fall. 

Naito tried a Destino. KENTA cut him off. SANADA cleared the ring, then LIJ hit a triple dropkick to Ishimori. Naito hit Gloria, then used Destino for the pin on Ishimori. 

White and SANADA looked good here, and Ishimori and Hiromu kicked the match into a higher gear near the finish. KENTA and Naito took it relatively easy ahead of their match Sunday. 


This was all action from the opening bell. A great main event. 

Ishii and EVIL were nominally the legal men, but all six guys jumped in and traded spots in the opening minute. The challengers went three-on-one against EVIL. 

Eagles got a tag and hit EVIL with chops and a leg kick. Shingo cut Eagles off from the apron, and LIJ established a three-on-one. Shingo and Ishii fought into the crowd. EVIL worked over Eagles. BUSHI got a tag and continued the work, hitting a missile dropkick. 

BUSHI choked Eagles with his t-shirt, then used the shirt to hit a neckbreaker. EVIL tagged in and knocked Goto off the apron, then hit Eagles with his bronco buster senton. Kevin Kelly always calls it a bronco buster, but it's really more of a seated senton in the corner than a traditional bronco buster. 

Shingo tagged in and teased Last of the Dragon. Eagles fought it off, hit a leg lariat, then tagged Ishii. Shingo cut Ishii off before he could even climb into the ring. He caught his leg on the rope, then sold his taped left knee. 

Ishii fired up. Shingo and Ishii traded strikes. Ishii killed Shingo with a forearm to the face, then hit a series of forearm strikes to the back of Shingo's neck. Shingo no-sold a powerslam and hit a lariat. 

EVIL got a tag and hit a corner clothesline. Ishii blocked a Darkness Falls attempt and hit a vertical suplex. Goto got a tag. BUSHI and Eagles jumped in. Both sides teased a double suplex, with Goto and Eagles finally hitting one. 

Goto used a Saito suplex on EVIL for a near fall. EVIL blocked an ushigoroshi and hit a draping stomp. Goto blocked Darkness Falls. They did a great series of misdirection spots, ending with Goto hitting a lariat. 

LIJ jumped in for a triple team. Eagles and Ishii saved. BUSHI hit a tope suicida to Eagles at the fifteen minute call. 

EVIL and Goto teased their finishers. EVIL hit the ropes and ran into an ushigoroshi. Ishii then hit a sliding lariat. Goto and Ishii teamed up for an elevated GTR on EVIL for a near fall. Shingo entered and got hit with an Ishii headbutt. 

Goto hit EVIL with a mid kick. He tried a GTR, but EVIL reversed it into Darkness Falls. BUSHI and Eagles tagged in for what looked to be the closing sequence. 

Eagles hit an elbow strike to BUSHI's head. Shingo and Ishii entered. Shingo hit a double lariat to Eagles and Ishii. BUSHI hit a backstabber for a near fall on Eagles. Eagles hit a tope suicida to BUSHI. Goto and Ishii hit stereo ushigoroshis on EVIL and Shingo. 

Eagles hit a dropkick to BUSHI's leg. He tried the Ron Miller Special. BUSHI reversed into a cradle for a near fall. Eagles hit Turbo Backpack for another two count. 

Eagles locked on the Ron Miller Special. Shingo broke it up with a sliding lariat. EVIL, Shingo, Ishii and Goto jumped in and traded a crazy series of clotheslines at the twenty minute call, ending with all four down on the mat, then rolling outside. 

BUSHI hit Eagles with a neckbreaker. He went for MX. Eagles caught him and hit a codebreaker. Eagles hit a 450 to BUSHI's leg, then locked him in the Ron Miller Special. BUSHI rolled Eagles over, spit black mist in his face, then used an inside cradle for a near fall. 

With Eagles blinded by the mist, BUSHI then hit an MX for the pin. 

Toru Yano and Ryusuke Taguchi ran in after the match and stole the title belts. Ishii then grabbed the NEVER Openweight belt and challenged Shingo to defend it against him next. Shingo agreed. Hopefully Ishii gets some time to heal up, as those two had a match of the year in G1 last year. 

BUSHI cut a promo to close the show. He said they won, but they don't have the belts, but they're still the champs.