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WWE Smackdown spoilers: The Club vs. Enzo & Cass; Chris Jericho vs. Dean Ambrose

The Club

Dark Match:

- Golden Truth def. Dudley Boyz

WWE Main Event:

- Sheamus defeated Zack Ryder. Dolph Ziggler was on commentary.

- Titus O' Neil beat Viktor

- U.S. Champion Rusev beat Sin Cara

Smackdown Tapings:

AJ & The Club did a show opening promo about how they would win at MITB. Enzo and Cass interrupted and called them 'Sawft'. Gallows made fun of Enzo for being a former manager of a Hooters. Enzo said The Club had been champs on every continent but Antartica. The New Day made their way to ringside and got on commentary.

- Enzo/Cass and The Club went to a double DQ after The Vaudevillains and New Day interfered and all four teams brawled.

- Renee Young interviewed Rusev backstage. Rusev said he was greater than Muhammad Ali. Titus O'Neil interrupted and said he would beat him at MITB.

- Kevin Owens and Alberto Del Rio beat Cesaro and Sami Zayn. Zayn and Owens disappeared for part of the match and fought to the backstage area before returning. When Owens came back, he attacked Del Rio and then pinned Cesaro.

- Becky Lynch defeated Dana Brooke by submission

- Another promo with Bob Backlund and Darren Young. Bob tells Darren he saves money by only wearing one pair of clothes, right down to his "tighty whities".

- Baron Corbin defeated Kalisto with End of Days. Dolph Ziggler was on commentary.

- Backstage segment with Sheamus and Apollo Crews. Sheamus makes fun of Crews but Crews punches Sheamus, sending him into a bunch of objects.

Chris Jericho defeated Dean Ambrose after hitting the Codebreaker. After the match, Ambrose attacked Jericho with a ladder to end the show.