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ROH TV results: Bobby Fish vs. Hangman Page on the road to Final Battle

Road to Final Battle

Ring of Honor television featured the road to Final Battle with the first in a series of episodes taped in Baltimore. On the show from this past week, World TV Champion Bobby Fish defended his title against a Bullet Club challenge. Also, the ROH World Champion Adam Cole found himself surrounded by challengers.

The show opened with promos from Page and Fish hyping their main event match later on.

A trios match then kicked off the show and concluded the first round of the six-man championship tournament.

Team CMLL defeated The Addiction & Kamaitachi to advance in the six-man tournament

Team CMLL was Ultimo Guerrero, Okumura, and Hechicero. They are not a regular team in Mexico, but collectively represent CMLL in the ROH tournament. Kazarian and Okumura started the match. Hechicero tagged in to get worked over briefly before Daniels bumped and fed for the luchadors. Kamaitachi did lucha spots with them.

They brawled on the floor with lucha everywhere. Addiction singled out Hechicero and began working him over. Hot tag to Guerrero and he cleaned house. For a near fall, Guerrero executed a super gordbuster planting Daniels off the top rope. Moments later, Addiction got a near fall and a high-low sweep. Hechicero ran wild until he wiped out. Kamaitachi accidentally dropped double knees on his own partner. Guerrero then pinned Daniels after an inverted superplex.

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Afterwards, Kamaitachi argued with The Addiction. Daniels admitted his fault in their losing, and he offered Kamaitachi a free shot at him as penance. Kamaitachi spat at Daniels instead and walked away.   

The Cabinet stormed to ringside and complained to announcers Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino. The Cabinet were angry about their push and basically buried their creative direction. Apparently even they think their gimmick was lame.

Backstage, Dalton Castle was looking for his boys when he ran into Colt Cabana. Cabana said they didn't need the boys and ushered Castle to the ring. Subtle hints of a shift in Colt's personality here as the seeds of a rift are planted.

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Shane Taylor & Keith Lee defeated Dalton Castle & Colt Cabana

A departure from the wild brawls seen on previous episodes, Lee and Taylor took part in some comedy spots with Cabana on his self-proclaimed quest to prove funny does equal money. Nevertheless, Lee and Taylor went on to maul them. Castle got a bloody nose by the end. For the finish, Lee powerbombed Cabana so Taylor could splash him off the middle rope and cover him for the pinfall.

Hyping a semifinal tournament match on the next episode, Matt Taven cut a promo vowing The Kingdom would conquer Team CMLL.

In another pre-tape promo, ROH World Champion Adam Cole ran down his upcoming challengers, Kyle O'Reilly and Jay Lethal. Those two would have their own nonverbal responses to Cole later on.

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ROH World TV Champion Bobby Fish defeated Hangman Page to retain his title

The back story of the match was that Page injured Fish on a previous episode. Fish’s ribs were taped as he sold the injury. Page jumped Fish before the bell and targeted the injury. Page shined up Fish, working him over for much of the match. In a hope spot, Fish valiantly tried making a comeback, only for Page to cut him off moments later. Fish eventually made the comeback. Fish caught Page and barred the knee into a submission hold. Page struggled as he reached for the ropes before tapping out.

After the match, Adam Cole entered the scene to confront Kyle O’Reilly as he went to check on his reDRagon tag partner. O’Reilly squared off with Cole. Jay Lethal suddenly ran down to also confront Cole. Both O’Reilly and Lethal are set to challenge for the World title. Cole was trapped between them, though he managed to slither away to fight another day.

On the next episode of ROH TV airing this weekend in syndication, Kyle O’Reilly squares off with Silas Young. Also, Team CMLL faces The Kingdom in a semifinal match in the six-man tag tournament.

This weekend ROH is live in the United Kingdom with the “Reach For the Sky” tour spanning three shows in England. ROH has a guide with supposedly everything UK fans need to know about the tour.

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Here are promos hyping the UK tour:

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