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AEW announces September Dynamite stadium show for Queens, NY


AEW will hold their first stadium show this September in Queens, NY.

In a NY Daily News exclusive, it was revealed that the Wednesday, September 22nd episode of Dynamite will emanate from Arthur Ashe Stadium -- the first-ever wrestling event to take place from the tennis facility.

Home of the U.S. Open and an iconic facility in the region, AEW will sell 17,000 tickets for the show even though capacity is listed at more than 24,000.

Khan said the event will be called Dynamite: Grand Slam and will be on par with other special Dynamites like Winter is Coming and Blood & Guts. Tickets will go on sale on July 16th.

The story also confirmed that AEW will be in Newark, NJ, on September 15th and Rochester, NY, on September 29th -- two dates that were moved several times due to the pandemic.

In the piece, Chris Jericho said it will be one of the biggest shows in AEW history in addition to the following:

“One of the reasons why AEW’s done so well is we’re different from WWE and that’s obvious. We do things differently than the way they do it. They’re a huge successful company, especially in the New York market. That’s a WWE stronghold.

“But there are a lot of people who are excited to see things done a little bit differently and I think that’s one of the reasons why we’re making our debut in New York City in a stadium WWE’s never been in. I’m sure we could have gone to the Garden or done the Barclays Center, but those do have a WWE brush on them. Let’s go somewhere else and make it our New York market arena. Let’s go to Arthur Ashe Stadium and that now becomes an AEW stronghold in the middle of New York, which is a McMahon country.”