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AEW's Chris Jericho revealed on 'Masked Singer,' wasn't happy with being eliminated

Jericho had more planned for his Bride character, but a studio audience vote unmasked him.

Chris Jericho wanted to stay on Fox's "The Masked Singer" a bit longer and wasn't happy that he was revealed on Wednesday's show.

After a performance last week as The Bride, social media picked up on Jericho's familiar voice while performing Walk The Moon's "Shut Up And Dance." The judges couldn't figure out who was under the pink dinosaur costume, earning him the King award for the week.

On Wednesday's show, Jericho performed Billy Idol's "White Wedding" and Smash Mouth's "All Star." He was later revealed and eliminated but not by the judges but rather by a studio audience vote.

That didn't sit well with the former AEW World Champion as told to Entertainment Weekly:

"Honestly, I was pissed. I was not happy. And it was the studio audience votes that got it. And I was like, "This is why you never let the fans be in charge." [Laughs] Because I thought my performance was killer. And it was one of those things where there were other songs that had been rehearsed, and all that sort of thing. So it was something that I was kind of angry about, but that's just because I'm a professional and I don't like to lose. It was a lot of fun, to be honest with you. I thought we had a lot that we could do with the Bride costume and character."

Jericho's name had been guessed by judges for other competitors on prior seasons of the show. The former Dancing With The Stars competitor eventually agreed to do the show despite not thinking that highly of it in the past:

"And at first, I thought the show was so stupid, like, why would anybody even want to be on this? And then you realize that it's actually a lot of fun. So I was kind of just waiting for my invitation. I figured if people are guessing that it's me, and because they're asking me to tweet about it, sooner or later they'll actually call me to get involved. And when they did, it just kind of worked out."

Jericho said he loved his time on the show and became more attached to the Bride character and costume than he ever envisioned:

"And it is weird. You know, it's almost like, you read those stories about old school ventriloquists who became attached to the ventriloquist dummies even though they're not real people. That's kind of what it felt like with the Bride, because two appearances on the show is a very short representation of how much time actually spent in that costume. There's days and days of rehearsal prior to it. So I'd be open to do anything. And I really enjoyed my time with the Bride and hopefully I'll see the Bride again someday, and maybe I will. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink."

While the show was airing on Fox, Jericho was in competition with Sammy Guevara against Bryan Danielson and Claudio Castagnoli on AEW Dynamite. Jericho will defend the ROH title on Saturday's Full Gear against all three men.