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AEW Dark spoilers: Kenny Omega vs. Joey Janela unsanctioned match


Here's your three dark matches and notes from AEW Dynamite at Boston's Agganis Arena Wednesday night:

Pre-Dynamite: Kip Sabian defeated “The Librarian” Peter Avalon (w/Leva Bates) and Sonny Kiss in a three-way

Avalon got loud boos coming out and then got into bashing the Red Sox for not playing in October to ripping on Tom Brady to the Bruins for not winning last year’s Stanley Cup Finals. Kiss got a huge pop coming out and they kept going for whatever he did.

Sabian and Kiss kept throwing or kicking Avalon outside the ring so they could go one-one-one. Avalon eventually got in and kicked Kiss when he was going for a Stratus-esque Matrix move. People hated Avalon and loved Kiss, but started coming around to Sabin when he did a flip off the middle rope to the outside on Avalon. He later hit double pinning combination that also got a good reaction.

Bates got involved, hitting Kiss with her library books while the referee was distracted which kept him on the outside. Sabian hit the Avida Kadriva for the pin on Avalon to end a decent match.

Post-Dynamite: The Dark Order and Hybrid Two (Angelico and Jack Evans) defeated SCU and Cima

As expected, fans were into SCU's entrance. SCU and Cima did a great four-man sequence on Grayson with all four guys doing spots on him in the corner. Evans did a great flip series into the corner before stopping short for an eye rake on Daniels. Kazarian got the hot tag, clearing house with a stunner/ddit combo on the Order. He later hit a spectacular slingshot stunner on Grayson.

The finish came out of nowhere as Evans got an innovative bridge of sorts on Scorpio Sky for the pin. Everyone worked hard, but the fans weren't that into it outside the big spots.

Post-Dynamite: Kenny Omega defeated Joey Janela in an unsanctioned lights out match

Spoiler: This got insane. Luckily, both men walked out under their own power.

Justin Roberts stuck with the unsanctioned rules of saying AEW wasn't sanctioning this match after the lights went out and back on. Why unsanctioned? They never explained. Even though they were a bit tired, nearly everyone stayed around for this and got into it quick with "Kenny Kenny" chants and the Terminator clap.

Janela brought a chair in early, but we got Omega chops and a Janela tope early on. It didn't take long for more chairs and a ladder to get brought into the ring. Janela laid them all out in the middle of the ring and threw one at Omega's head. Omega later got the upper hand with a bulldog onto the chairs and a big Terminator dive outside. 

Omega hit two Dragon Sleepers in the ring and despite Janela trying to fight him off, he hit another one on the ring apron to a "holy sh*t" chant. Omega teasted a One-Winged Angel on stairs on the floor, but Janela reversed into a belly to back suplex to regain control. Janela rearranged the stairs and made a table bridge (upsdie down) between that and the ring apron, but didn't use it right away, tossing Omega into the ladder a few tmes instead. He reversed Omega into a nasty looking belly to back on the ladder. Ouch.

We got lots of V-triggers, a Janela brainbuster and standing superlex off the top, and several near falls. Omega took a lot of punishment, going into the ladder and a back body drop on a folded up table with the metal legs exposed.

Janela set up a ladder in the ring and laid Omega on a table. He climbed nearly all the way up and missed a frog splash, allowing Omega to regain the advantage. A big Omega clothesline off the ropes and a double-armed DDT still wasn't enough. He then took a bad looking bump on that aforementioned table bridge, but was ok. Janela hit a double foot stomp on a chair laid out on Omega's chest, but that only got two. To say this is wild is an understatement.

Janela set up a series of chairs back to back to back and laid Omega chest first on the top of them. He then went to the top, but Omega escaped and battled Janela, trying for a superplex. He eventually just tossed him off spine first on the chairs in one of the nastiest spots you'll see that doesn't feature blood. Omega hit a V-trigger to the back of Janela's head and hit another V-trigger on a folded chair for the pin. Jesus. You need to see this.

Omega did a promo and put over both Janela and the fans, doing his signature signoff. 


- The live crowd was insane most of the night, strong at the start and the finish with a little slowdown in the middle. While some of the middle matches took a while for them to get into due to personalities involved, they popped for the big spots and finishes.

- Outside the really big names, they were really into Riho, Darby Allin, and Dustin Rhodes.

- As expected, all three announcers (Tony Schiavone, Jim Ross and Excalibur) got a great ovation coming out, especially Schiavone and Ross.

- The arena took a while to fully fill in, but they were loud from the get-go. The Agganis is only one level and with less than 1/4 cut off for the stage, it didn't take too much to get loud.

- When AEW went off air, Cody put over Dustin Rhodes as better than he's ever been at 50 years old and his usual speech about how AEW and its fans are a family.