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AEW's Eddie Kingston asks fans to leave Sammy Guevara alone, 'let it go'

Kingston also took aim at former WCW wrestler and critic Disco Inferno.

In the wake of Wednesday's news that Eddie Kingston recently came off a two-week AEW suspension for a backstage altercation with Sammy Guevara, Kingston took to Twitter Friday morning in an attempt to end the conflict.

While Kingston had released brief statements to several media outlets admitting his wrongdoing, including ours, Friday's comments followed Guevara's Thursday statement and recounting of the issue, saying Kingston didn't do "the professional thing" and communicate any issues about off-limit topics to him.

It began around 9 AM Eastern when Kingston referenced an old Chris Jericho-ism about never "burying" your opponent because when you beat them, it's as if you beat a nobody.

In the most viral of the tweets, Kingston then took aim at former WCW wrestler Disco Inferno who commented that wrestlers that didn't want people talking about their appearances should get in shape.

He then again admitted he was in the wrong for the Guevara incident:

He then attempted to change the course of conversation, taking aim at former rival CM Punk while praising Jon Moxley and Penta El Zero Miedo:

After promoting some indie shows and other related tweets, Kingston wrapped with another plea toward fans to leave Guevara alone:

At one point, Kingston vs. Guevara was scheduled for next Sunday's All Out, but it's unknown whether that match will happen or if either man will be on the show at all.