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AEW Elite General Manager mobile game to be released on July 15


The latest AEW video game will be released on July 15th as AEW Elite General Manager will be available on both Google Play and the Apple App store.

Called "the official mobile wrestling management simulator of All Elite Wrestling," players can "sign a roster of wrestlers, select who appears in your matches for your show, and then simulate the results to determine how much money, new fans, and effect on the wrestlers’ stamina and morale your choices have."

From their website, players can manage and take control of over 90 AEW wrestlers on the roster, challenge friends or rival GMs worldwide in both casual and ranked online play and compete for the best scores on the leaderboards. Players can also compete in daily missions and challenges to earn special rewards.

There is also a wide variety of customization available, including different available gimmicks that provide abilities and effects the help influence the outcome of matches and being able to run a successful event.

AEW Games launched last fall. AEW Casino is the only other game currently available to play.