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AEW Full Gear generates 145,000 PPV buys, $4 million in revenue


Image: AEW

Last Saturday's AEW Full Gear is trending to become the second most purchased pay-per-view in company history with more than 145,000 buys worldwide and an estimated $4 million in total event revenue.

The numbers were first reported by Wrestlenomics' Brandon Thurston and discussed on last night's Wrestling Observer Radio. Dave Meltzer said he believes the number will come in around 150,000. Meltzer said that while cable and satellite numbers have yet to be finalized, streaming numbers were up from March's AEW Revolution which did 145,000 buys and that a cable industry source said the early numbers looked strong.

The $4 million is a combination of PPV revenue and ticket sales and merchandise in Minneapolis.

From Thurston specifically on PPV revenue:

"Sales of 145,000 buys worldwide for Full Gear would mean about $7 million in pay-per-view revenue before AEW’s split with distributors. If the average split to AEW is about 45%, then AEW would take about $3 million in pay-per-view revenue."

In the U.S., Bleacher Report was the exclusive streaming distributor and there were complaints about the availability to buy the replay which necessitated the event being made available for purchase on the next day. Fans had the option to buy through FITE and Bleacher Report for September's All Out.

FITE remained the international distributor while fans were also able to buy through Facebook. However, Thurston said the latter's sales were minor.

September's All Out is the AEW's most purchased PPV at 205,000 buys, buoyed by the return of CM Punk.