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AEW launches female-focused online wrestling community


AEW officially announced 'Heels' on Wednesday, a paid online subscription service geared toward female wrestling fans.

For $49/year, members "receive access to a variety of features including virtual meet-and-greets, video conference discussions with industry experts, exclusive AEW talent Q&A sessions, customized merchandise, special promotions, themed parties and more. The secure space enables AEW Heels members to connect, learn and thrive together through shared passions for women’s wrestling."

Originally scheduled to launch on May 22nd, the service did a soft launch earlier this year with two video conferences designed for women.

In the press release, they announced an event this Friday which will include a Q&A with referee, podcaster and front office worker Aubrey Edwards, a social media strategy session with Brandi Rhodes, and a session on respect and empowerment in the workplace with Keisha-Ann Gray, partner at the Proskauer law firm.

Rhodes, AEW's chief branding officer, is heading up the initiative.

AEW launched their first-ever Women's Tag Team Cup on Monday, a YouTube-only show featuring 16 female wrestlers.