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AEW notes: Dynamite changes, Baker vs. Rosa, Kayla Rossi


AEW had to make several changes to last Wednesday's Dynamite in Milwaukee, WI, that resulted in a weaker lineup than planned.

In this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer said a planned match that had not yet been announced had to be scrapped because two people in the match tested positive for COVID-19. He said both were fully vaccinated, but weren't showing any symptoms.

Another change was that 2point0 was set to do an angle on the show, but were pulled as Matt Lee's wife gave birth several days prior so the team was given the week off. 

Finally, as noted yesterday, a planned surprise appearance on the show from Gangrel was canceled as Edge had revived the "Brood bath" days prior at WWE SmackDown and nodded to his old persona during his ring entrance at SummerSlam. AEW still paid Gangrel for the appearance which the wrestler didn't reveal on his podcast.

Meltzer said Tony Khan's plan was to showcase some of the company's biggest names due to the expected large audience but knew the show wasn't going to produce any four+ star matches given some of the changes.


Meltzer reported, "For whatever this is worth, the big Britt Baker vs. Thunder Rosa rematch will be built up at this point for a major match in early-2022."

The last time the two faced off, Rosa defeated Baker in an unsanctioned match on Dynamite. Since then, Baker went on to win the Women's title while Rosa has ripped off a long win streak. Baker will defend next against Kris Statlander at All Out while Rosa will be in the women's Casino Battle Royale.


Meltzer said that Joey Janela's new valet/associate is Kayla Rossi, a muscular woman who accompanied Janela for a Dark match that will air on Tuesday. He said she was offered to WWE for a tryout, but they turned her down because she is 30 and that came after the new internal rule on signing people of a certain age.