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AEW's Thunder Rosa says back injury 'not fake, not a work,' out for a few months

The AEW Women's Champion said she currently can't feel her legs.
Thunder Rosa New AEW Women's Champion

During an appearance on Busted Open Radio Friday, AEW Women's Champion Thunder Rosa said she will likely be out a couple months due to her back injury and that the injury isn't fake.

Rosa said she is currently in bed and in a lot of pain. Her doctor wouldn't clear her to wrestle as she can't feel her legs and that the injury has been a growing problem for roughly a year.

She learned the news Tuesday and the gravity of the announcement hit her on Wednesday.

Rosa also addressed some of the allegations that emerged following her Wednesday promo where she said she would miss All Out due to the injury.

"This is not fake, not a work. If I can f**king work, I can f**king work," she said.

"I'm sorry, guys. I want to walk when I'm 40, I want to have kids...I have the right to say, 'No, I can't walk, I can't do it.' I don't want to have surgery (and be out longer)," she said.

Rosa said she has respect for all the women in the AEW locker room and that she has taken both feedback and accountability for any issues in the past.

"If anyone has a problem with me, anyone, call Busted Open, call my number, you can tell me to my face. I don't hide from problems, I don't run from my problems. You can talk to me. My door is open," she said.