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AEW's Tony Khan 'amused' by WWE creative change narratives, wrestlers potentially going back

Khan said Adam Cole and Malakai Black are both under contract for years.
Tony Khan | ROH

AEW and ROH head Tony Khan hasn't been shy about commenting on the recent big changes in WWE leadership, taking a shot Wednesday at observers who think there will be a major change now that Vince McMahon is no longer head of creative.

Talking to Busted Open Radio Wednesday, Khan said, "I think (the changes are) going to be really positive for the fans overall. I am a little amused that changes in the competition, people think it's going to magically change the landscape."

After saying he has seen a lot of narratives forming on Twitter, Khan then addressed the idea that wrestlers would go back to WWE after their deals are done because McMahon is no longer there.

"I have got people signed her for five years and people think that just because the CEO, Chairman, those head of creative, that those people changed in the competition, people I have five-year contracts with are going to magically switch teams? Good luck with that."

He gave two examples, saying Adam Cole is signed through 2027 and that Malakai Black has nearly five years left on his deal. Cole didn't re-sign with WWE when his deal was up while Black was released.

"Just because these guys had some success under a previous administration somewhere else, they are not magically going to be going anywhere. Those are two people I really like just as examples of people who have worked under that previous administration. I'm very amused by that. That's a narrative I see so-called wrestling writers pushing every day. It's pretty amusing," he said.