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AEW's Tony Khan: Real crown jewel of wrestling is Northeast U.S., 'not some BS overseas in Saudi Arabia'

The AEW head took a not-so-subtle shot at WWE Tuesday.
Tony Khan

As AEW head Tony Khan does the media rounds this week to help hype up Wednesday's Grand Slam in Queens, New York, he took a shot at WWE in one interview while putting over the Northeast region of the U.S.

Speaking to News 12 (seen below), Khan was answering a question about the run of New York State events this month in addition to upcoming shows in Philadelphia and Boston when the said the following:

"We're running a lot of great shows around the Northeast. It's so many great wrestling markets in one geographic region. I'll say it: (it's) the crown jewel of wrestling markets -- the real crown jewel of wrestling markets, not some BS overseas in Saudi Arabia. The real crown jewel -- New York City -- is where you want to be."

WWE, of course, runs twice a year in Saudi Arabia as part of a partnership with their government that is a financial windfall for WWE. Their next show is set for early-November.

Khan is running Arthur Ashe Stadium for the second straight year for Wednesday's dual Dynamite/Rampage event.