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AEW's CM Punk says AJ Lee not returning to the ring


AEW's CM Punk said not to expect wife AJ Lee to join him in returning to the ring.

Talking with the New York Post as part of a big media push for Sunday's All Out, Punk was asked if Lee was interested in returning to the ring and whether him returning to pro wrestling helped light a spark to do so herself.

“I just want to say no...just because of her neck. The reason she stopped wrestling is because of her neck," he said. "I wouldn’t want her to jeopardize her health and neither would she, so we’ll put an end to that rumor right now."

Then in WWE, the 34-year-old Lee retired from in-ring competition in April 2014. She later said it was due to permanent damage in her cervical spine. 

Since retiring, Lee (April Mendez) wrote a memoir that hit no. 10 on the New York Times best-seller list, co-wrote several comic book series and has since moved into screenwriting. She and Punk (Phil Brooks) have been married since June 2014.