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AEW's Jeff Jarrett explains 'make believe monster' comment about WWE's Braun Strowman

Jarrett took offense to Strowman's recent comments about "flippy flop" wrestling.
Jeff Jarrett

During last Wednesday's AEW Dynamite, Jeff Jarrett took a shot at both at WWE and Braun Strowman in an effort to put over Satnam Singh, saying, "This ain't no make-believe monster who wears red skinny jeans and is produced by the banana-nosed circus. No, this guy is one in a billion."

On this week's My World podcast, Jarrett attempted to rationalize his comments without backing off them.

The AEW on-screen performer and director of business development claimed the comment was his "Last Outlaw" character "just kind of taking a dig at a blanket statement of big men in wrestling and red skinny jeans, just an outfit and a circus and all that."

He said he was focused on how to best put Singh over. He did seem to take umbrage with Strowman's recently deleted tweets regarding he and Omos having a "47-star match" at WWE Crown Jewel and "that no one cares about all these floppy floppers." He later claimed he was joking.

"...I was aware of him being, kind of, I don't know if it's naive or whatever you want to call it, when he takes a shot at the 'flippy flop' stuff. It's almost tone deaf. In 2022, when you look at the landscape of all of pro wrestling, you want to resonate with your audience," he explained.

Jarrett said he took offense to the "flippy flop" comment because he likes the diversity of the industry, using the Impact X-Division and lucha libre as examples.

"For him to take a shot at it, I thought, 'Here's a perfect opportunity to draw an analogy (to Singh), and Braun, whether he's a former softball player or strongman, he's got some accolades, but he's certainly not a NBA player," said Jarrett."

Strowman didn't respond on social media after the comments.