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AEW's Sammy Guevara, Andrade El Idolo engage in social media war of words

It's unknown whether the online confrontation is based in reality or not.

In what is either an elaborate work toward a future storyline or another real-life backstage issue that has come to light, AEW's Sammy Guevara and Andrade El Idolo took to Twitter Tuesday to engage in a social media war of words.

The issues appear to have started with a Spanish language interview Andrade did Monday where he mentioned that the only wrestler he has ever had a problem is Guevara. Andrade claimed that Guevara complained he hit him both too hard and too frequently in an unspecified match. Andrade said he told Guevara that it was just wrestling and if he hit Guevara too hard, he should do the same to him. He said he talked to Guevara without any physical altercation and asked if there was a problem to which Guevara said there wasn't.

The two have shared a ring three times in AEW this year: a February singles match, a March three-way with Darby Allin, and a six-man tornado match at March's Revolution. It's unknown which specific match Guevara is alleged to have complained about.

On Monday night, Guevara tweeted the following which is assumed to be toward Andrade:

On Tuesday morning, Andrade tweeted this toward Guevara in response:

Guevara then retorted, denying an altercation took place and taking shots at Andrade for supposedly wanting to return to WWE: 

Andrade then said he will see Guevara Wednesday and teased another confrontation:

Further adding to this confusion as to the legitimacy of all this is Andrade's on-screen companion (Jose The Assistant) confirming Andrade's account of things:

However, Andrade and Guevara are not currently in any storyline together, nor has there been the tease of one recently.

Andrade will put his AEW career on the line on Friday's live Rampage against the mask of Dark Order's 10 while Guevara will team with ROH Champion Chris Jericho against Bryan Danielson and ROH Pure Champion Daniel Garcia on Wednesday's Dynamite.