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AEW's Sammy Guevara not expected back in Impact Wrestling


This story was updated at 4:30 PM Eastern.

Following a disagreement with creative before a short term Impact Wrestling run, Sammy Guevara isn't expected to return to the company according to Dave Meltzer in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Following his on-screen departure from the Inner Circle on Dynamite, the AEW standout arrived in Nashville, TN, to work the February 9-11 Impact tapings to begin an angle. However, that didn't happen due to a disgreement about what he would be doing.

What happened regarding that situation is still unclear depending on what side is telling the story. Bryan Alvarez discussed the situation on Friday's Wrestling Observer Live with some information from people close to Guevara.

One story Meltzer could not confirm in the newsletter was that Guevara was set to be part of a six man tag on this Tuesday's show where the winning team would move on to a three way match for an X-Division title shot. That match would have paired him with Ace Austin and Chris Bey against Willie Mack, Josh Alexander and Trey Miguel. Austin and Bey will team with Black Taurus instead.

Alvarez's sources said they indeed wanted Guevara to be in tag matches. However, Guevara didn't think that made sense because one of the points of leaving The Inner Circle was to go out on his own.

According to Meltzer's sources, Guevara reportedly suggested winning the X-Division title before returning to AEW with it. He would never lose the title and it would then be stripped at some point and put up for grabs in a tournament.

Alvarez's sources said Guevara did have an idea about winning the title, but it didn't involve not losing the title or taking it to AEW. At that point, Impact wasn't wasn't going for any of his ideas and it was a "their way or the highway" type situation.

Meltzer reported that Guevara was going to win three matches at the tapings, adding that Chris Jericho and Don Callis came up with the initial angle and whatever happened made them look bad. Guevara was only scheduled for that set of tapings.

Alvarez's sources said he was never going to win three matches. The idea was that he would lose some matches and get beaten down, eventually winning and then get beaten down again. 

Meltzer said, "Impact was really mad about AEW sending talent over, putting plans in place and then the talent wouldn’t do what was planned. Everything appears to be smoothed over now, but there are those in Impact who said that the company was not happy at first with how it went down and could have impacted relationships."

Alvarez's sources said Guevara called someone in AEW (he presumed Tony Khan) to discuss what was happening and expressed his opinions about the situation.

Guevara hasn't spoken publicly about whatever happened, other than a tweet with a quick clip from a recent vlog.

Thus far, AEW World Champion Kenny Omega and Private Party have competed in Impact while Impact Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers have worked in AEW as part of the interpromotional angle that started back in December.