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AEW’s Tony Khan says he’s following Vince McMahon’s WWE return ‘very closely’

Khan appeared on In The Zone recently.

Tony Khan is following Vince McMahon's return to WWE "very closely."

The AEW President appeared on In The Zone recently and was asked if he is staying informed on the situation involving WWE's executive chairman. 

Khan responded:

Yeah, absolutely I'm following it, very closely.

Also during the interview, Khan was asked about AEW potentially producing non-televised live events. 

Khan responded:

That's something we are talking about. We have a great live events team with Rafael Morffi, Chris Harrington, and a bunch of great people I work with, and now Jeff Jarrett has a lot of experience, and Jeff Jarrett's come in working in the office too. That's something we talk a lot about and building out that live event business because there's definitely a demand for AEW live events. 

Now we have this big, great, strong roster that really wants to go out and do live events so I think that's something we're going to do.

The company has only produced one house show to date. AEW The House Always Wins was a non-televised event held at Daily's Place in Jacksonville, Florida on April 9, 2021.