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AEW's Tony Khan says 'no comment' to CM Punk, Daniel Bryan rumors


In an interview with the New York Post to promote Wednesday's Fight for the Fallen edition of AEW Dynamite, Tony Khan declined to comment when asked about either CM Punk or Daniel Bryan coming to his promotion.

When asked directly if he had signed either man, Khan said, "I have no comment on those, but those are good questions but I can’t comment on those."

To a follow-up about hypothetically what it would mean for a company to sign both, he said, "I can’t comment on those two guys, but I think there are certainly a lot of exciting rumors right now."

Those rumors first came to light last week with speculation that Punk could debut during AEW's September run in Chicago for All Out week with Bryan slated to make his debut at their Queens, New York, Dynamite at Arthur Ashe Stadium. 

"I think we are now in as strong a position as we’ve ever been and I do think the next few months will be a very important time in the history of AEW. Right now we are writing a really important chapter in our legacy," he said.

Khan also was asked about the process of bringing in Nick Gage against Chris Jericho as part of the Five Labours series involving MJF. He said he was working on it before with MJF and the Five Labours idea came up. He has no hesitancy putting him on TV with his past as he has "demonstrated that he has changed a lot. He’s built a strong reputation as a hardcore wrestler and he’s been fulfilling his dates and commitments and he has a lot of support from the company."

He also addressed why there hasn't been more crossover with Impact, saying part of the issue is that they tape their TV a month at a time while they are live every week so a lot is already set in place. He added that he thinks there's going to be some interesting collaborations with them.

He said the idea to pair Vickie Guerrero with Andrade El Idolo was Idolo's idea as he wanted a connection to the Guerreros, but "as we went on, I wanted to add something to the presentation and I couldn’t put my finger on what. Then I saw Chavo (Guerrero) on an independent show and I just had a light bulb moment."