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AEW's Tony Khan on taping plans for Rampage, Dark and Dark: Elevation


In an interview with PWInsider's Mike Johnson during a Wednesday press event, AEW's Tony Khan gave some insight into how and when Rampage, Dark, and Dark: Elevation will be taped when they go back out on the road in July.

Khan was in New York City to promote their first stadium show, a live Dynamite event set for late-September at Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens, NY.


  • Rampage will be live on some weeks and taped on other weeks after Dynamite. The Queens show is one example where Rampage will be taped due to the crowd which will be one of the criteria going forward.
  • The August Rampage debut will be live in addition to any go-home weeks for pay-per-views.
  • The All Out go-home Rampage will be at the Sears Centre, the same venue as the PPV.

Dark and Dark: Elevation

  • When they go out on the road in July, Monday's Dark: Elevation shows will be filmed prior to Dynamite and will be a shorter show. Some times, Khan "may add matches that I'll explain where I'll add them from."
  • He is going to procure a venue in order to film Tuesday's Dark shows in addition to other content so he can give 100% attention to the show and not have to worry about filming Dynamite, Elevation and Dark all on one night.