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Blackpool Combat Club team wins AEW Blood & Guts match

The near hour-long Dynamite match saw one potentially serious injury and a fall from the cage.
AEW Blood & Guts

The second AEW Blood & Guts match is in the books with the Blackpool Combat Club team taking home the victory, albeit with one member potentially seriously injured.

The entrances and match itself took up the entire second hour of Wednesday's Dynamite from Detroit, Michigan, with the match going nearly 50 minutes.

The end came when Eddie Kingston, Claudio Castagnoli, Chris Jericho and Matt Menard were all on the top of the cage. Kingston had Jericho in the stretch plum while Castagnoli had Menard in the sharpshooter. Menard tapped out, giving the BCC team the win.

However, Kingston appeared mad that Castagnoli got the win for the team as he had wanted to embarrass his blood rival in Jericho. The commentary team played up Castagnoli and Kingston's past issues that happened before there ever was an AEW and despite the two fist bumping later, this appeared to be the seeds for something between the two in the future.

The bloody and violent match had at least one injury as Santana hurt his left leg/knee on an attempted uranage on Garcia. At first glance, it appeared Garcia fell on it, but a replay shows Santana's leg simply gave out.

The injury occurred just minutes after Santana had got into the match, bringing a barbed wire bat and a table with him. He spent nearly the duration of the bout laying by the side of the cage talking to the ringside doctor. During one of the match's late commercial breaks, he was taken to the back which was never acknowledged on commentary.

The winning team was made up of Kingston, Santana, Ortiz and BCC members Jon Moxley, Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta while Jericho, Menard, Angelo Parker, Sammy Guevara, Daniel Garcia and Jake Hager made up the Jericho Appreciation Society.

The majority of the men bled at some point due to the cage itself, tacks, broken glass, a fork, the aforementioned chair, table & barbed wire bat, and a kendo stick. 

A bottle of rubbing alcohol even made its way in thanks to Kingston as did a handful of skewers that Moxley used on Menard's head.

The men got out of the cage after Tay Conti knocked down referee Aubrey Edwards on the outside, stealing the key and giving it to Jericho to escape. That brought out Ruby Soho to take out Conti in a brawl.

Jericho escaped and went to the top of the cage with Kingston in pursuit. Kingston laid him out with a spinning backfist and Guevara then followed up to the top of the cage, 

Then, this happened:

The spot was somewhat reminiscent of Jericho's fall in the first-ever Blood & Guts match when he was pushed backward by MJF, but had more in common with the famous Mick Foley toss off the cell by The Undertaker in their WWE Hell in a Cell match.