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Brandi Rhodes throws water, swears at Shaq on AEW Dynamite


The futures of Shaquille O'Neal, Jade Cargill, Cody and Brandi Rhodes still appear to be intertwined following Wednesday's AEW Dynamite.

In a brief, pre-recorded sit-down interview, Tony Schiavone was with the NBA legend and also Brandi Rhodes whose presence was unexplained. After introducing them and listing off their accomplishments, Rhodes complained to Schiavone about how he introduced her but moved on.

O'Neal said he and Cargill go back a long way but didn't appreciate what she did to Rhodes' arm on a recent Dynamite when she Pillmanized it. Schiavone interjected and asked if that issue could be resolved on Dynamite which O'Neal said he wanted to see. He then said he was having fun with Cody on Twitter and didn't mean any disrespect as he loves the family.

As Brandi got up to walk away, O'Neal said she should watch Cargill to get some pointers from her while she recovers. She accused O'Neal of disrespect, said she "was sick of this sh*t" and grabbed a cup of water Schiavone conveniently was holding, throwing it in O'Neal's face before calling him "an overgrown a**hole." The segment ended with O'Neal staring angrily into the camera.

The belief is that this is leading toward an eventual mixed tag between the Rhodes family, O'Neal and Cargill.