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CM Punk says AEW debut may have been greatest moment in his career


Image: AEW

During an interview with a Chicago radio station Monday, CM Punk said his debut last Friday at AEW Rampage might have been the greatest moment of his career.

Punk told ESPN 1000's Kap & J.Hood show that "the entire night couldn't have been more perfect" from the way they sold out the event on a rumor he might be there to his interactions backstage and to having his family with him at the United Center.

"We didn't need to beat (fans) over the head for a TV rating," he said, adding that AEW fans "get it" and want to be excited and have a good time.

While he was happy to hear the metrics and analytics people were ecstatic with the numbers, what was more important to him was the emotion, saying "pro wrestling is about moments and getting people to feel something."

As he did after the event, Punk continued to put over the roster as "young and hungry" and whatever they lack in experience, they make up with in effort.

"I feel like I'm the veteran slugger on a major league team coming onto a team with prospects," he explained, saying the AEW scene reminds him of going to punk rock shows in VFW halls and bowling alleys back in his youth which is one of the things that impressed him the most.

He said that in having Darby Allin as his first opponent back at All Out, he's preparing by watching a lot of Allin matches to see what he can do and so far, he's impressed with what he sees.

Punk said he has been in the ring training as part of the Heels TV show for Starz, but isn't doing anything extensive to help save his body and be smart about it.

He knows there are questions about whether he can still go out there and be entertaining, but he's lucky he "never did a bunch of crazy flips. My goal is to tell a story."