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Dispute exists over who started CM Punk/Young Bucks AEW All Out fight

There are different accounts over who started the post-press conference brawl.

There are differing stories as to who started the fight between CM Punk, Ace Steel, the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega after Sunday's AEW All Out press conference.

Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez gave some additional updates and discussed the situation on Monday night's Wrestling Observer Radio which you can listen to on YouTube.

They said there is no dispute that Punk punched the Bucks' Matt Jackson (Meltzer said multiple times), that Steel threw a chair that hit the Bucks' Nick Jackson, or that Steel bit Omega and pulled his hair.

However, there is one side that claims Punk threw the first punch when the Bucks came into the room where the brawl broke out while the other side claims the Bucks were the aggressors and Punk and Steel were defending themselves.

Both Meltzer and Alvarez said they have reached out to all principals involved, but no one is allowed to talk pending legal issues. Meltzer said in talking to neutral parties, all but one person had the same account of what happened.

Meltzer said he was told there was still yelling between all sides even after the fight was broken up. He could not confirm the rumor that Punk was hurt during the fight.

They reiterated this situation is not a work and that police were involved that night. 

Alvarez said at first, there were a small number of people in the room and then a large amount of people when the fight broke out. Both Meltzer and Alvarez said those who witnessed what happened will have to talk to AEW personnel and legal regarding what happened.

Both were unsure how Tony Khan and his team are going to handle the situation before Wednesday's Dynamite in Buffalo, New York. Meltzer opined that if something happens to Steel, Punk will want to walk given it's his longtime friend and original trainer.

On Sunday, Punk regained the AEW World title while Omega & the Bucks won the inaugural Trios titles.