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Fozzy concert canceled due to Chris Jericho non-COVID illness


Image: AEW

A Friday concert by Chris Jericho's band Fozzy was canceled due to what the promoter called "a non-COVID related, treatable health issue" for Jericho.

While he is sick, it's not considered serious and he may still be fine to perform on Saturday in Nottingham, England, and Sunday in London, England.

Jericho sent a message to Dave Meltzer that said, "I'm feeling good! They just wanted to observe me overnight and I'm in the right place. Not COVID related."

The group was set to perform Friday in Swansea, Wales, until the promoter posted the following on Instagram:

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The former AEW World Champion and Inner Circle member was injured in storyline by 2point0 and Daniel Garcia recently on AEW Dynamite to write him off TV while the band is performing several dates.