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MJF becomes first-ever wrestler to launch own cryptocurrency


AEW's MJF became the first-ever wrestler to launch his own cryptocurrency Thursday.

Available on Rally, $MJF has over 330 supporters after launching Thursday afternoon and over $137,000 in backing with over 114,000 coins in existence as of 4:30 PM Eastern. $MJF can be purchased for $5 USD currently on Rally.

Explained simply, cryptocurrency is digital or virtual money, existing only in electronic form. This is a creator coin/social token designed to create a "personal economy" around him.

In a tweet, he said he intends to recognize top coin holders with special giveaways and exclusive access and give holders a way to exchange the currency with each other for no fee. AEW is not directly involved with this deal.

Band Portugal, The Man has their own currency on Rally that has nearly $1 million in backing for over 1200 supporters and 151,000 coins in existence. Celebrity and cause-backed cryptocurrency are expected to grow in popularity as more people become familiar and comfortable with buying it.