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Renee Paquette addresses Jon Moxley's AEW promo, Bully Ray comments


During her SiriusXM "Throwing Down" show with Miesha Tate, Renee Paquette discussed her thoughts on husband Jon Moxley's return to AEW last Wednesday and expounded on her thoughts regarding Bully Ray's recent suggestion that Moxley apologize to fans.

She said to see Moxley out there and to get the feedback of how much his promo touched people was "really, really cool" and that to "have that vulnerability, he’s a special guy."

"He’s got such a way with words. He’s obviously an incredible wrestler, an incredible person, an incredible man. I could not be more proud of him. I could not love this guy anymore so to see him out there doing that was so great," she said.

Following the promo, Bully Ray suggested on Busted Open Radio that Moxley should have apologized to fans during his promo for taking time off to enter rehab for alcohol addiction.

Paquette said that she was annoyed that she even had to address his comments because it would give them more attention, but that when it comes talking about her family, it becomes personal.

These were Paquette's first full comments since her initial tweet that it was a bad take.

"You talk sh*t about my husband? You talk sh*t about my family? That becomes personal to me and that bothers me more. It also bothers me because Bully is somebody who I’ve always really enjoyed, I have always really liked Bully. I have said I have had a good relationship with him despite other people not having a good relationship with him or him having burned bridges other places and leaving a bad taste in other people’s mouths," she said.

Paquette said the former WWE and ECW star has both her and Moxley's number, but hasn't called to apologize for his "sh*t take" or discuss it further. She pointed out that both men were at the same Northeast Wrestling event Saturday and that Bully Ray never talked to him.

Tate asked if this was some sort of angle leading to a match. Paquette said it wasn't and that Moxley didn't have any idea what Bully Ray said until 10 PM that day.

She is proud of what Moxley did, given the past stigmas about taking time off for addiction issues and mental health.

"It has been a thing that has affected the business for such a long time. It’s a stigma that comes with the business so the fact that Jon is one of those guys in the spot that he’s in and he’s going against the grain and doing the things that he needs to do, I think speaks volumes to not just the fans, but the people inside the business, to the other boys and girls in the back that might be going through a similar thing. This happens to so many people and it’s unfortunately so common, so he went and did what he had to do and no apologies necessary," she said.