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Renee Paquette, AEW's Tony Khan reveal Jon Moxley is writing a book


Image: AEW

Former AEW World Champion Jon Moxley will soon join his wife not only as a new parent but a published author.

On Renee Paquette's podcast Tuesday, she and AEW president Tony Khan revealed the news during a discussion about Moxley with Khan saying he has read some of it, describing it as "awesome."

Paquette said that Moxley is using her laptop to write it, sending it to himself via her email. She said she has been pressing him to write a book for some time because of his memory and speaking skills, adding he's writing it himself.

No details on a publisher or a release date were given. It wasn't specifically stated it would be an autobiography, but that is assumed based on the light amount of information Paquette and Khan gave.

Moxley (Jon Good) and Paquette are expecting their first child this year with Paquette's debut cookbook set to be released in May. Moxley will return to in-ring action on Wednesday's Dynamite, his first match since losing the title to Kenny Omega in December.