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AEW Dark Elevation results: Gunns vs. Bollywood Boyz, Athena vs. Jody Threat

Monday's show from Toronto also featured the debut of Tik Tok stars The Voros Twins.

This week's AEW Dark: Elevation was taped last Wednesday in Toronto, Canada, with Ian Riccaboni, Matt Menard and Paul Wight on the call.

Despite the hot crowd, this was the usual Dark: Elevation episode with a pretty fun match in the middle between Athena and Jody Threat.

Penelope Ford & Kip Sabian defeated Jessika Neri & Jeremy Prophet

This was under traditional rules where Sabian could only be against Prophet who we learned was trained by Jacques Rougeau. Ford, however, landed her running handspring elbow strike on Prophet right in the view of the ref. Menard asked if it was a DQ while Riccaboni and Wight moved on.

Ford hit the Superbad driver on Neri (a high school teacher) followed by Sabian hitting an Anarchist suplex for a near fall. Sabian and Ford then decided to run it back with her hitting a codebreaker off Sabian's shoulders on Prophet followed by a second Anarchist suplex for the win. They have won three straight and were being pushed for a future AAA Mixed Tag Team title match.

Frankie Kazarian defeated Matt Blackmon

Commentary put over Kazarian's look and gear in addition to the fact he's the current Impact X-Division Champion (until Thursday, anyway). Blackmon, making his AEW debut, has some impressive size. It was for naught as Kazarin won after using his chicken wing submission for his third straight win. Kazarian is a fine talent, but they don't have any real direction for him.

Athena defeated Jody Threat

This was a very entertaining match between two veteran wrestlers. 

I have seen Threat in person several times and she's legit. The Canadian had the crowd solidly behind her and took it to Athena early on, hitting a Michinoku driver for a near fall. Athena, usually a fan favorite, was booed which was unusual to hear. 

This eventually broke out into a brawl and Athena embraced the boos. She then unceremoniously dumped Threat to the outside using a front suplex throw which was something to see. So was an Athena running dropkick on the outside which rammed Threat awkwardly into the barricade.

Athena picked up the win after a second rope O-Face, a big boot, and an overhead drop into double knees which was really impressive. Athena raised her hand afterward to bring things full circle. I'd like to see Threat get some more Dark opportunities in the months ahead.

The Butcher & The Blade (w/ The Bunny) defeated The Voros Twins

I have heard of these guys before, but they got a full entrance which is rare for Dark enhancement talent. Apparently, they have a large following on Tik Tok. Butcher & Blade are from Buffalo (Bunny is from Toronto), so they got a big reaction.

To say there was a visual difference between the two teams is an understatement. Butcher & Blade got the relatively quick win after hitting Drag The Lake.

Jay Lethal & Satnam Singh (w/ Sonjay Dutt) defeated Junior Benito & Dylan Davis

Dutt grabbed the mic and addressed the rumors Lethal, Dutt and Singh aren't on the same page, saying they are a well-oiled machine and that they are going to kill Benito and Davis. 

However, Dutt immediately commanded Lethal to tag in Singh which is adding to the problems. Singh hit his usual array of offense which included a double suplex on both men. He went for a power bom, stared at Lethal, and hit his razor's edge whirlybird. Lethal wanted a tag, but Singh ignored him and just stepped on Davis for the win.

Singh still has just five matches under his belt all time. I'm surprised they aren't trying to get him more work if they see something in him.

Serena Deeb & Emi Sakura defeated Madison Rayne & Skye Blue

Rayne is now wearing a backward hat that says "coach" to match Blue's backward hat, evoking the 30 Rock Steve Buscemi "How do you do, fellow kids?" meme.

The Toronto crowd loved Deeb from the onset and she nearly immediately called out Blue. After Rayne & Blue briefly had control, the heels took over, working over the young Blue. Rayne & Blue eventually rallied until they didn't with Rayne tapped to the Serenity Lock. Blue & Rayne haven't impressed lately as a team.

The Gunns defeated The Bollywood Boyz

This marked the AEW debut for the former Singh Brothers in WWE. Menard said there's not two people he hates more than these two. They got the full entrance and the crowd was into them. Less so the Gunns who brought out homemade title belts and FTR t-shirts.

The Boyz did some dancing in Austin Gunn's face, leading to Colten Gunn hitting both of them from behind. The Gunns then took over, wearing one of the Boyz over with a rear chinlock. Is this WWE Main Event?

After a short hope spot off a hot tag, the Gunns finished up with Austin hitting the Fameasser for a near fall when Colten pulled up one of the Boyz. They then mocked FTR by hitting the Big Rig for the pin.