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AEW Dark Elevation results: Lucha Bros vs. The Wingmen

Athena and Parker Boudreaux were also in action this week.

This week's AEW Dark: Elevation lineup was filmed before last Wednesday's Dynamite in Columbus, Ohio, with Tony Schiavone and Mark Henry on the call.

Ruby Soho & Skye Blue defeated Nikki Victory & Megan Myers

Both Victory and Myers have been on the Dark shows before, but this was their first time teaming with each other as it was for Soho & Blue. Myers showed some nice offense early and both women were given a decent amount against their name-brand competition.

Blue superkicked Victory out of the ring and Soho got the pin on Myers after hitting her CrossRhodes-like finisher. 

Parker Boudreaux (w/ Ari Daivari) defeated Casey Carrington

This was the second match for both guys, but they are obviously on two different AEW career paths. Boudreaux has Jane's Addiction-esque entrance music which is probably a tie in with the Entourage theme song 'Superhero' by the same band. Because, well, Ari.

Boudreaux got the win with a backdrop suplex driver of sorts. This was less of a match than Boudreaux hitting big power moves without any semblance of a story.

Athena defeated Queen Aminata

Aminata was looking for her first win in her second outing while Athena is looking to remain unbeaten. 

Athena hit a nice dropkick on the outside that took Aminata into the guardrail. Aminata definitely has something in the charisma department and plays a great heel.

Athena got the win after hitting spinning knees to the face off a fireman's carry followed by the Eclipse. She is now 4-0 in AEW singles action and needs to start getting some steam behind her. Perhaps that starts this week.

Kiera Hogan & Leila Grey defeated Freya States & Alice Crowley

This was the first tag team match for the two Baddies team members who still don't like each other. This was pretty bad as States didn't make a great accounting of herself. Hogan got the win after a kick to the back of Crowley's head. Hogan and Grey continued to squabble afterward.

Dark Order's John Silver & Alex Reynolds defeated T.U.G. Cooper & Lord Crewe

Crewe and Cooper are Dark regulars while Silver & Reynolds have pretty much been in a holding pattern the last few months along with the rest of Dark Order. They picked up the win after their finisher medley, completed by a Reynolds pin.

Henry said that we don't need a replay of the finish as it will "be embedded in our brains forever." Alright, then.

Lucha Bros defeated The Wingmen (Peter Avalon & Ryan Nemeth)

The crowd finally came alive after being fairly quiet for the duration. Penta is now back to his El Zero Miedo version rather than Oscuro.

Avalon and Nemeth were more into showing off their bodies and screwing around until Fenix and Penta had enough with double superkicks. 

As Penta hit double sling blades, Henry asked if anyone does them better. Alright, then.

Penta and Fenix got to show off their impressive display of offense but Nemeth and Avalon rallied on Fenix with the former landing an elevated DDT.

It didn't last long as they hit double superkicks on Nemeth, followed by a top rope Spanish fly to Avalon followed by the double team Fear Factor on him to get the win.

Afterward, Andrade El Idolo, Rush and Jose The Assistant came down to ringside ahead of their lucha rules tag team match this Wednesday on Dynamite. They got up on the ring apron and teased getting in, only to jump down and back down.

That's a wrap for this week's Dark: Elevation. There was nothing on this week's show you need to go out of your way to see.