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AEW Dark results: Anthony Henry vs. Dante Martin

Tuesday's lineup also included Anna Jay A.S and Ryan Nemeth.

This week's AEW Dark featured matches taped last month at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

Fuego Del Sol defeated Jay Malachi

Sol started off in firm control, delivering a series of chops and takedowns. Sol looked like he was going to score the victory until Malachi stopped his momentum with a poke to the eye. Malachi was able to get in a few moves, specifically targeting the back of Sol.

Sol eventually regained control by hitting a double foot stomp on Malachi’s back from the top rope. Moments later, Sol delivered his signature tornado DDT for the win.

Leila Grey defeated Tiara James

Grey took down James with a headlock early on, controlling her with ease. Grey celebrated and played to the crowd before trying to suplex James which got reversed. She would follow up with a running splash for a near fall on the Baddies member. Shortly after, Grey scored the win after hitting a facebuster.

Jeeves Kay (w/ The Trustbusters) defeated Gus De La Vega

This was the debut for the new Kay character in AEW as he previously went by his indie name of VSK. Vega brought the action as the match began, delivering a few combination strikes. His momentum didn’t last for long as Kay yanked him by the ear to the corner. After a few corner strikes, Kay lifted up Vega for a falcon arrow, which scored him the victory.

Jora Johl defeated Blake Li

Johl escaped out of Li’s attempts at a waist lock with ease as the match began to get in rhythm. Li then proceeded to roll up Johl on two separate occasions with both attempts scoring two counts.

Li and Johl began to trade strikes, but it didn't last long as Johl eventually nailed Li with a Sheamus-esque pump kick and pin for the win.

Anna Jay A.S. defeated Kelly Madan

Jay delivered a gut kick as the bell rang, allowing her to take control of the bout from the get go. Jay followed this up with a spinning leg attack in the corner before dragging Madan to the center of the ring where she submitted her with the Queen Slayer for the victory.

Ryan Nemeth defeated Arjun Singh

Nemeth attacked Singh as the bell rang. There wasn’t a moment in the match where Singh had any control as Nemeth dominated for about 90 seconds before hitting his signature neckbreaker for the pin.

Leon Ruffin defeated Bshp King

King lifted up Ruffin for a power move early, but Ruffin countered into a sleeper hold. King again tried for a powerslam and succeeded, only warranting a near fall.

After a near fall, Ruffin hit a quick cutter and ran to the corner before springing into a crucifix bomb that got him the win.

Angelico defeated Caleb Konley

This started off very fast with Konley surprisingly getting an upper hand after nailing Angelico with a few takedowns. The former Impact star's luck would soon run out as Angelico threw him crotch-first on the ropes before he spilled to the outside.

Once Konley recovered, he didn’t pull any punches as he engaged in a brutal striking war with Angelico. Angelico would eventually lift up Konley in a backbreaker-type submission which forced Konley to submit quickly.

The Renegade Twins defeated Mila Moore & Mylo

The twins (Charlette & Robyn) jumped Moore and Mylo as the bell rang. Charlette lifted Moore up in a spinebuster position, allowing Robyn to come off the ropes and hit a neckbreaker that led to an extremely quick pinfall victory.

Nick Comoroto defeated Shaheem Ali

Ali tried to hit a crossbody dive on Comoroto after he rolled out of the ring, but Comoroto caught him and threw him spine first into the apron. Comoroto followed up with an Alabama Slam for another quick win.

Dante Martin defeated Anthony Henry

Martin and Henry exchanged standing switches early on before Martin tried to hit Henry with a kick to the head. Instead, Henry dodged and tossed Martin out of the ring which led to Martin being dropped back first on the apron.

Martin tried to get back in the match with a sunset flip, but he jumped too high and Henry turned that into a stomp to the arm. Henry followed that up with some more limb work while also playing up to the crowd.

Martin eventually hit a clutch diving crossbody to get himself back in the bout. Martin followed up with a spinning twister to the outside, but that didn’t stop Henry from responding with a pump suplex just moments later.

Things got dicey in the final stages of the match as the two exchanged a few pinfalls that were very close to being three. Martin eventually found an opening for the Nose Dive which got him the pinfall win.

After the match, JD Drake ran down and put the boots to Martin before Matt Sydal came out to run off both WorkHorsemen.

That led to the following promo which set up a tag team match for next Tuesday's Dark.