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AEW Dark results: Claudio Castagnoli vs. Ari Daivari ROH World Title match

Tuesday's show also included Serena Deeb, Private Party, and more.

This week's AEW Dark was taped last week at the NOW Arena in Hoffman Estates, Illinois.

Tony Nese & Josh Woods (w/ Mark Sterling) defeated Storm Grayson & Brandon Gore

Grayson delivered a few elbow strikes to Woods to start things off, but Woods responded with a knee strike. Moments later, Nese helped Woods hit an assisted fallaway slam to pick up another victory.

Marina Shafir (w/ Nyla Rose & Vickie Guerrero) defeated Laynie Luck

Luck tried to outmaneuver Shafir early on, but Shafir was having none of it and delivered a few judo throws to take the advantage. When Luck tried to roll out of the ring to recover, Rose threw her right back in. Shafir eventually went on to submit Luck with an armbar.

Zack Clayton defeated Serpentico (w/ Luther)

The past FTW title challenger trapped Serpentico in the corner early on and nailed him with a few elbow shots. Serpentico would eventually escape and hit a few takedowns which got a good reaction from the crowd. Clayton would regain control after Serpentico missed a top rope move. Seconds later, Clayton hit Serpentico with a lariat for the victory.

Julia Hart defeated Missa Kate

Hart battered Kate early on before locking in her signature Hartless submission for another win.

Serena Deeb defeated Sierra

Deeb trapped Sierra on the mat in the early seconds, applying multiple variations of submissions. Sierra got a free moment when she escaped out of a hold and stepped on Deeb's back which "The Professor" took as disrespect. Sierra was also able to get in a superkick before Deeb chop blocked her knee and eventually locked in her Serena Lock for the submission win.

Private Party defeated Robert Anthony & GPA

GPA took Marq Quen to school (ha!) as the bell rang, raining down a few strikes. This advantage wouldn't last for long as Quen took back control after hitting a few double team maneuvers with Isiah Kassidy. This would lead to Anthony coming in the bout, but his fate would be worse as he was on the receiving end of a Gin & Juice, giving Private Party another victory as of late.

ROH World Champion Claudio Castagnoli defeated Ari Daivari to retain the title

Castagnoli took Daivari to the mat as the bell rang. The bout quickly spilled to the outside with Castagnoli getting one running uppercut in before Daivari ducked the second one and began to work down the right knee of the Blackpool Combat Club's resident Swiss superstar.

Castagnoli's knee continued to hinder him throughout the bout, letting Daivari perform moves such as a diving bodypress that resulted in a near fall. This didn't matter in the long run as Castagnoli would go on to nail Daivari with a Ricola bomb for the win to retain the title.