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AEW Dark results: Daniel Garcia vs. Alan '5' Angels

This week's long episode of Dark previewed Saturday's Ring of Honor PPV.

This week's AEW Dark matches was taped at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida...complete with fourteen matches. Why there needed to be a two-hour Dark on a week where there's the regular AEW TV plus an ROH pay-per-view is beyond me.

Anyway, let's get to it. Excalibur and Taz were on commentary, joking through the matches as always. The majority of the show was set up to preview Saturday's Death Before Dishonor with the other half completely unnecessary for this week.

Jora Johl (w/ Private Party) defeated Luke Sampson

Somehow, Marq Quen's hair grew back days after he was on Rampage. The magic of television is something else. Johl won with a pump kick after Private Party distracted the referee. Afterward, Johl side-eyed Quen and Isiah Kassidy due to their interference.

They are still doing the Johl/AFO thing for some reason. Tony Khan seems to like him, so he could be a guy that gets featured in ROH. 

Lee Moriarty defeated Ren Jones

In continuity, Moriarty is coming off a loss to ROH World Champion Jonathan Gresham Friday and is heading into a match with Dante Martin on Friday's Rampage. He got the win here after the Border City Stretch submission.

Excalibur and Taz are great, but they don't need to be on this show. They barely seem like they care and this is a spot better for two young announcers that need reps. 

- Lexy Nair talked with Fuego Del Sol, hyping up his match later with QT Marshall. 

Serena Deeb defeated Viva Van

Deeb came out with a Deeb's Dojo flag. Taz's big question was whether Van wore Vans. Alright, then. Deeb is preparing for her challenge of ROH Women's Champion Mercedes Martinez at Saturday's ROH Death Before Dishonor. 

Deeb had a gnarly looking sub attempt, sitting on Van's head while looking away from Van's back, cranking her arms backward. I'd show you via a GIF, but I couldn't find one. Anyway, Deeb won via the Deebtox and threw in some additional punishment to Van after the match. 

Marina Shafir defeated Amber Nova

At the risk of sounding like a hater, I don't get what Khan sees in Shafir and the presentation in general. She won rather quickly with the Greedy submission and will continue to confound me in the future.

Konosuke Takeshita defeated Anthony Henry

Henry is someone AEW uses a lot, but Khan doesn't seem to really be into his outstanding tag team with JD Drake -- The WorkHorsemen. That's unfortunate as they are really good.

Also very good is Takeshita. A pretty good argument can be made that he should have beaten Jon Moxley in last week's title eliminator match. He's done nothing but improve every time out and went all out here, hitting a Terminator dive while Henry was on the outside. 

This was a good, competitive match that Takeshita won after hitting his jumping kee. 

ROH World Champion Jonathan Gresham defeated Jordan Oasis in a non-title match

Gresham defends his title Saturday against Claudio Castagnoli while this marked Oasis' promotional debut. There was no Tully Blanchard with Gresham this week. 

Gresham was giving up some height to Oasis and actually took a lot of offense including a swanton to Gresham's back as was hanging over the ropes. Gresham rebounded and verbally submitted Oasis by ramming his knee into the match repeatedly.

ROH Pure Champion Wheeler Yuta defeated Bryce Donovan in a non-title match

Donovan has been on AEW TV before, losing in 35 seconds to MJF on the October 2021 Dynamite from Boston. He is also part of the Shook Crew in the Northeast along with Bobby Orlando and that Max Caster fella.

Yuta is preparing for both his tag team match with Jon Moxley against Best Friends Wednesday and his Pure title defense against Daniel Garcia at Saturday's PPV. He won with a german suplex and talked to Tony Schiavone after the match. He basically said he's going to hurt Garcia and that he'll give him a scar he will always remember Yuta by.

At 48 minutes, the show would have been fine if it ended here. There's still an hour to go.

Danhausen defeated Jake Something

Something is the former Impact Wrestling talent and he rolled early using power moves. But Danhausen rallied, hitting his own array of offense before Something took over. In the end, Danhausen used a cradle to pick up the win. This was the best he has looked since returning from injury. It is what it is.

The Renegade Twins defeated Avery Breaux & Valentina Rossi

The twins (Charlette & Robin) were 0-3 in AEW action going into this. This is another team that Khan really seems to like as they get a lot of work on Dark and Dark: Elevation. They won via a double team assisted neckbreaker in a heatless match. Schiavone interviewed them afterward about using twin magic.

ROH Women's World Champion Mercedes Martinez defeated J-Rod in a non-title match

J-Rod has a pretty terrible ring name, but showed some skills here. She has the height and a good look so there might be something here down the road. Still, Martinez took too much here considering she is defending the title against Deeb on Saturday. The champ got the win using the Brass City Sleeper. 

Deeb came out afterward to confront Martinez from the ramp followed by a staredown.

Varsity Blondes defeated Terrence & Terrell Hughes

The Blondes will take on Christian Cage & Luchasaurus Wednesday. After having a little bit of a run last year, they seem to be game for a split pretty soon. The Hughes twins are the sons of D-Von Dudley and made their first AEW appearance of the year on last night's Elevation. Garrison got the win after a rolling elbow strike. The end is near.

30 minutes to go. This is longer than Dynamite.

QT Marshall defeated Fuego Del Sol (w/ Nick Comoroto & Aaron Solo)

I must be honest. After watching nearly 90 minutes of Dark, I found it hard to get into a Marshall vs. Del Sol match. These two are perfectly fine pro wrestlers who had a perfectly fine match, but with zero stakes and given how much wrestling is on TV, please forgive me.

Dante Martin and Matt Sydal ran out to help Del Sol from Comoroto and Solo's interference (albeit a bit late). Del Sol hit a low blow when the ref wasn't looking, followed by a tornado DDT that sent Marshall to the outside. Del Sol hit another tornado DDT on the outside of the ring and the Skytwister on the inside of the ring that got a close near fall.

Marshall got the win after countering a shooting star press with a diamond cutter, followed by another one for the pin and win. The finish was pretty good.

Jay Lethal defeated Logan Cruz

Lethal grabbed the mic and said Cruz is his student. He put over Cruz (making his AEdub debut) for offering to help him get ready for Samoa Joe, but then went heel on him. He was aggressive from the onset and eventually got the win with a figure four.

Schiavone asked Lethal about Chris Daniels' comments from Dynamite. He didn't say much of note, but the Daniels match appears likely for Rampage based on his comments. He challenges Joe for the ROH TV Champion Saturday. 

Lethal is fine, but it's hard to get interested in this feud with Joe. Do we need TV titles in 2022?

Daniel Garcia defeated Alan "5" Angels in an ROH Pure rules match

Since the time this match was taped, Angels' AEW contract expired and he debuted in Impact Wrestling. This was taped quite some time ago and was done to preview the Garcia-Yuta match SAturday.

Pure rules include no punches, three rope breaks and a few other nuances. Angels felt a little out of place to begin with, but made a good accounting for himself in a match no one expected him to win.

Angels used his last rope break to stop a rear naked choke. Garcia got it on again and Angels had to walk him to the top rope to try to escape. Garcia unloaded some elbows on him to help put him to sleep and get the win. I don't know if fans really get the whole Pure rules thing, but I guess we'll see.

After the match, Garcia put Angels in a sharpshooter to insult him even more which brought out Yuta to make the save. Garcia ran away and declined Yuta's invitation to fight on the spot.

Yuta then surprised Garcia, hitting him with a big dive and some punches before Garcia was able to escape.