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AEW Dark results: Hardys, Top Flight & Kazarian vs. AFO & Max Caster

This week's six-match lineup also featured Lee Moriarty, Penta Oscuro and more.

Tonight's AEW Dark was taped on Friday, April 15th in Garland, Texas, as part of the Rampage and Battle of the Belts II tapings.

Red Velvet defeated Dulce Tormenta

Tormenta had some quick offense in the beginning of the match, but it didn't mount to anything that would keep Velvet down. Velvet fought back and eventually hit a spinning roundhouse kick to pick up the pinfall victory.

Lee Moriarty defeated Serpentico 

Serpentico jumped Moriarty at the bell, but that didn't prevent Moriarty from taking back control quickly. After a few shoulder tackles, Moriarty won after hitting an elevated DDT.

Anna Jay & Skye Blue defeated The Bunny & Raychell Rose

Jay nailed Bunny with a overhead suplex to start the match, but Bunny would retaliate with a clothesline shortly after. Jay fought out of a rest hold attempt, but was met with a knee to the face.

Rose came in the match in an attempt to isolate Jay, but Blue came in off a hot tag and nailed Rose with a nice superkick. Jay came back in shortly after and locked in the Queenslayer submission to pick up the victory for her team.

Penta Oscuro (w/ Alex Abrahantes) defeated QT Marshall (w/ Aaron Solo)

Marshall tried to outsmart Oscuro early on, but nothing ever came of it. Oscuro had a good series of offense that was leading to him snapping Marshall's arm, but Solo got involved and stopped that from happening. With the referee distracted, Comoroto hit the ring and speared Oscuro before quickly rolling out of the ring.

Marshall got a near fall and attempted a moonsault, but Penta caught him with a kick in mid-air. Oscuro followed up the kick with the arm snap, followed by a successful pinfall.

Abadon defeated Charlette Renegade

Abadon finished Renegade in about twenty seconds after hitting a senton and a leg draping DDT.

The Hardys, Top Flight and Frankie Kazarian defeated AFO (Private Party, Angelico & The Blade) and Max Caster

This was basically the only match from the show that had time to stand out. This was obviously taped before the recent news of Darius' injury.

Angelico and Kazarian started out. After exchanging a series of leg sweeps, Angelico tagged out to Blade. Darius Martin came in and made an impact quickly, nailing Blade with a great standing dropkick.

Tags came more frequently from AFO. Blade cut off the ring for Jeff Hardy, Angelico came back in and worked him over with a leg submission and Isiah Kassidy would come in next and help isolate Hardy as well.

Jeff eventually got the the hot tag, letting Kazarian back in the match. He took out Private Party, Angelico and Blade. Dante Martin became legal after Kazarian cleared house. Caster came in and didn't last long as Marq Quen tagged himself in. Martin hit a double dropkick before tagging out to Matt Hardy who hit a Twist of Fate before tagging in Jeff, who hit the swanton bomb for the victory.