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AEW Dark results: Jurassic Express vs. Strong Hearts six-man tag


The Big News: Jurassic Express won their second match in a row in 2020 to prepare them for their Dynamite match Wednesday with The Inner Circle.


The show started with Tony Schiavone and Dasha Gonzalez out and about to introduce the show and not in the usual arena setting. This week's Dark is only 30 minutes long and I know they taped more matches than what was shown so we'll see if those get aired next week, if ever.


Big Swole defeated Diamante

Taz was our Color Commentator of The Week and noted that Swole got a tattoo that said LL for Lauren Lee, a friend who she is paying tribute to in this match. Diamante was formerly with the Santana & Ortiz version of LAX in Impact and this is her debut in AEW. The two ladies reversed rollups to start the match with both trying to get quick wins. Diamante took her over with a side headlock, but Swole was able to wiggle her way out of it. Swole blocked several armdrag attempts and dropped her foe with a side kick.

Minutes later, Diamante set up for a suplex, but then decided to throw Swole down on the mat instead as hard as she could. She then hit a german suplex and a corner dropkick, but could only get a one count. Diamante grabbed flip flops from under the ring and used them briefly, but Swole put her in an abdominal stretch and spanked her after throwing the flip flops away.

Swole then picked up the win with Dirty Dancin', which is a bit of a ripcord twisting forearm smash.


Jurassic Express defeated Strong Hearts (CIMA, El Lindaman, T-Hawk) in a six-man tag

There are weeks that Dark is unnecessarily long. Then there are weeks where they go 30 minutes, have two matches, and nothing else.

Excalibur said T-Hawk has the most vicious chops in wrestling, so Jungle Boy was the first to enjoy a plate of chops. Stunt tagged in and got backed down into the corner, but didn't take any chops at first. Stunt and Lindaman looked good together. After Jungle Boy did a pair of suicide dives to CIMA and T-Hawk, Luchasaurus hoisted Stunt into the air and heaved him onto the duo.

In the biggest surprise since the sun went up and down today, they got the heat on Stunt. I know there is a lot of criticism about Stunt and even more criticism when people get too complimentary, but he takes an amazing beating. He did eventually make the hot tag to Luchasaurus. The first thing he did was give Lindaman a headbutt to the chest, which was hilarious since Luchasaurus had to duck about a foot in order to do it.

Jungle Boy tagged in and ran wild for a few minutes, but got cut off by CIMA and almost pinned by Lindaman. However, it was not a good day for the Strong Hearts as Jungle Boy pinned Lindaman after a double team back suplex/sit out power bomb.

Jurassic Express is on a winning streak!


Final Thoughts: It was a quick show and easy to watch. Both matches were enjoyable, but aren't going to appear on anyone's end of year ballots.