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AEW Dark results: Lee Moriarty vs. Alan Angels, Roppongi Vice vs. The Wingmen

Tuesday's nine-match lineup also featured the Jericho Appreciation Society and Kris Statlander.

This week's matches were taped at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

Kris Statlander defeated Avery Breaux

Breaux overestimated the ability of Statlander early on, throwing strikes at her in the corner. Statlander was down for just a few seconds before jumping up and hitting her signature Night Fever piledriver for the victory. She faces Ruby Soho in an Owen Hart Foundation tournament semifinal this Friday.

Jericho Appreciation Society (Matt Menard & Angelo Parker) defeated Eli Isom & T.U.G. Cooper

Parker delivered an armdrag to Isom as the bell rang. Menard came in and began to tire down Isom. After a few minutes of working down Isom, Cooper somehow secured a tag. He came in and ate a double jumping DDT from both Menard and Parker, which led to a J.A.S. win shortly after. Menard and Parker will be in the Anarchy at the Arena match at Double or Nothing.

AQA defeated Brittany Jade

AQA applied a side headlock as the match began and kept it on tight for about a minute before Jade responded with her own side headlock. Jade had control of the bout for a split second after delivering a neckbreaker, but AQA responded shortly after with her signature swinging neckbreaker for the victory.

Lee Moriarty defeated Alan "5" Angels 

Moriarty and Angels were very evenly matched early on as they both traded holds and strikes. As the match went on, both guys started laying their strikes in more and more with Angels targeting the midsection and Moriarty targeting the upper left arm.

Angels was running on fumes after nearly avoiding a countout, but he used his second wind to deliver a series of kicks to the dome of Moriarty. Angels then turned his focus to positioning Moriarty on the top turnbuckle. After delivering a great knee strike to keep him up there, Angels took Moriarty off the top with a Spanish fly.

Moriarty took his time to recover, but once he was back in it, he was back in it. Moriarty delivered a great tope to Angels, who landed on his hurt arm, to the outside. Shortly after, Moriarty submitted Angels in the center of the ring with his modified crossface.

Sonny Kiss defeated Carlie Bravo

Bravo had a great start as he gathered a lot of heat from beating Kiss down. Kiss fought back valiantly, responding with a standing moonsault knee drop. Kiss kept up the offense afterwards, delivering some great strikes. Shortly after, Kiss delivered a split legged moonsault for the victory.

Robyn Renegade defeated Vicky Dreamboat

Renegade beat down Dreamboat for about three minutes before delivering a pump handle slam. Renegade then attempted a moonsault, but Dreamboat moved out of the way at the last possible second.

Dreamboat had a moment to recover and tried to suplex Renegade once she got back in the ring, but the move was reversed into a brainbuster from Renegade which got her the win.

After the match, Tony Schiavone accused Renegade of using "Twin Magic" with her sister, Charlotte. 

Anthony Ogogo defeated Trenton Storm

Ogogo took Storm to the mat immediately and began beating down on him. It looked like the match was going to be all Ogogo until Storm pulled a nice standing dropkick out of thin air. That was about it for Storm as Ogogo delivered a fantastic gut punch shortly after which earned a ref stoppage.

Leva Bates defeated Kiah Dream

This match went about sixty seconds with Bates getting in 99% of the offense with her good strikes. The focus was Excalibur reading his promo reads. Bates would go on to win with a backslide pin that was nearly botched.

Roppongi Vice defeated The Wingmen (Ryan Nemeth & Peter Avalon)

The Wingmen attacked Roppongi Vice at ringside before the bell could ring. Once the brawl made it back in the ring, both Trent Beretta and Rocky Romero had full control of The Wingmen.

Beretta would fall victim to a double team maneuver from The Wingmen as the match went on as he was trapped in the apron skirt by Nemeth. Avalon used this to his advantage and delivered a boot to Beretta's skull. Avalon followed this up with a great clothesline for a near fall.

Everything changed when Romero got back in the match as he hit a forever clothesline on both Nemeth and Avalon. Nemeth would try a famouser next, but Beretta and Romero delivered a combo of running knees. When Beretta went to capitalize, JD Drake clipped his feet. Orange Cassidy ran down to the ring and distracted Drake, allowing Romero to dive onto him. 

The finish of the bout came swiftly after when Beretta lifted up Nemeth for a Dudebuster, but Romero came off the top rope with the assisted stomp on the move for the victory.

They face FTR for the ROH Tag Team titles Wednesday.