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AEW Dark results: Too Fast Too Fuego vs. The Factory


It’s Tuesday and you know what that means: a fifteen-match AEW Dark taped last week at St. Louis, Missouri’s Chaifetz Arena.

The Gunn Club defeated Dark Order (Alex Reynolds, Colt Cabana & Evil Uno)

Evil Uno and Colten Gunn had an exchange of several shoulder blocks that ended with Colten winning the exchange. Uno also tried to get into Audrey Edwards’ good graces by kissing her hand. Billy Gunn entered the ring and called out Cabana, later doing the DX “Suck it!” taunt to a huge reaction.

Austin Gunn tried to use a low bridge, but Uno used it in his favor to throw Colten out of the ring. Austin got revenge by using a roll-up on Uno while holding the ropes to pick up the win. Gunn Club’s trios record is now 19-0 -- the best record in terms of trios matches in AEW.

Riho defeated Heidi Howitzer

This was the AEW debut for Howitzer. This was all about Riho’s speed against Howitzer’s strength. Riho was able to outsmart her using speed with a bridge out and a tiger kick. Riho (10-2) won after Howitzer missed a Vader bomb, using a top rope foot stomp for the victory.

Too Fast Too Fuego defeated The Factory (Aaron Solo and Nick Comoroto)

Fuego II (totally not Cody Rhodes) was able to showcase his moves with several clean armdrags to Solo. Comoroto destroyed Fuego Del Sol and Fuego II challenging him to a tackle exchange was also not a good idea. Comoroto’s strength gave The Factory control of this match for good portions of it. Solo went for the tornado DDT on Fuego II, but failed to hit it.

Del Sol had a great hot tag and sequence that ended with a near fall on Solo. Del Sol used a crossroads for a near fall on Solo, but Comoroto threw Fuego II in to interrupt the pin. Too Fast Too Fuego (2-0) eventually won after a tornado DDT on Solo.

Jake Hager & Sammy Guevara defeated Koko Lane & Luke Langley

This was the AEW debut for Lane and Langley. They teamed up on Hager and kept him in the corner, but Hager slowly worked out of it, leading to a hot tag to Guevara who hit a great top rope cutter. Guevara and Hager won following a Hager bomb/swanton bomb combination.

After the match, Men of the Year came out to attack Hager and Guevara, but Ortiz and Santana came out just in time to interrupt them ahead of their Full Gear street fight on Saturday.

Best Friends (Orange Cassidy, Wheeler Yuta & Chuck Taylor) (w/ Kris Statlander) defeated Darian Bengston, Davey Vega & Camaro Jackson

This was the AEW debut for the trio of Bengston, Vega and Jackson. The debutants started hot. Jackson did an impressive squat suplex while holding Yuta. In the end, Chuck Taylor won after hitting the Awful Waffle. Yuta, Cassidy and Taylor’s trios record is now 8-1.

After the match, Vega tried to attack Cassidy but ended up eating an Orange Punch instead.

Dante Martin (w/ Lio Rush) defeated Frankie Kazarian

The first few minutes were all about Martin and Kazarian countering each other's offense. Kazarian faked out Martin’s armdrag and finished it off with a quick cradle pin attempt. Kazarian and Martin had a great sequence that ended up with Kazarian giving Martin a cutter.

Martin (20-7) tried to go for the Rough Landing, but Kazarian countered and was trying to lock on the chicken wing crossface until Rush interfered. Martin hit the jumping moonsault to win.

Kris Statlander, Ryo Mizunami & Thunder Rosa defeated Emi Sakura, Jaime Hayter & Rebel (w/ Lulu Pencil & Mei Suruga)

Rosa and Rebel started and surprisingly, Rebel was able to outsmart her. Mizunami and Sakura had a great exchange with Mizunami doing her machine gun chops, ending with Sakura and her Romero special. The babyface team won after a Rosa fire thunder driver on Rebel.

After the match, the heels attacked and Ruby Soho came out with a pipe. However, the only one left in the ring was Statlander, creating tension between both wrestlers ahead of their TBS title tournament match.

Lee Moriarty & Matt Sydal (w/ Mike Sydal) defeated 2point0

This was a homecoming match for Sydal. He started with a combination of an armdrag and standing mariposa. 2point0 isolated Moriarty for good portions of the match, but a hot tag from Sydal turned the match around in his team’s favor. The hometown hero won after hitting a Lightning Spiral.

After the match, Rush and Martin came out to stare down Sydal and Moriarty before their match this Wednesday.

Nyla Rose defeated Tootie Lynn

Rose dominated despite the fact Lynn tried to use her martial arts background. Rose (23-5) won with a top rope guillotine and moves on to face old foe Hikaru Shida in the TBS title tourney.

Andrade (w/ Jose The Assistant) defeated Warhorse

This match saw the return of Warhorse to AEW. In a short match, Andrade won with the Hammerlock DDT, improving his record to 4-2.

Team Taz (w/ Hook) defeated Dark Order (Alan Angels & 10)

Ricky Starks and Ten started with Ten dominating the exchanges thanks to his strength. When Angels and Powerhouse Hobbs were in the ring, Angels targeted Hobbs' left leg to slow him down, but his power was able to counter Angels’ strategy. When 10 and Hobbs crossed paths, it was time for big meaty men slappin’ meat. They gave each other impressive spinebusters. Hobbs hit a slam on Angels to pick up the win.

Tay Conti (w/ Anna Jay) defeated Miranda Gordy

This match was the AEW debut of Gordy, the daughter of Terry Gordy. This was a squash that Conti (40-3) won with a DDTay ahead of her Women’s title match against Britt Baker at Full Gear.

Wardlow (w/ Shawn Spears) defeated Moonshine Mantell

This was a squash match that Wardlow won by ref stoppage after the Casualty of War. After the match, Spears attacked Mantell with a C4 while eating an apple.

Darby Allin defeated QT Marshall

Before the match started, Marshall cut a promo about beating Allin and being friends with MJF. Allin got one of the biggest pops of the night during his entrance.

Allin wrestled with more intensity than usual and dominated early on, but a lariat from Marshall changed the flow of the match to his favor. Marshall hit an impressive diving headbutt and even got a near fall. Allin had a near fall of his own with a code red. Marshall kicked out and was still dazed. Allin took advantage and hit a Coffin Drop to win heading into his match with MJF on Saturday.

Jurassic Express & Christian Cage defeated HFO (Matt Hardy, Isiah Kassidy and The Blade)

The youngest wrestler of each trios team started in Jungle Boy and Kassidy. When Hardy and Cage entered the ring, both immediately went for their finishers with the Killswitch and Twist of Fate but were not able to apply them.

HFO isolated Cage and targeted his right shoulder that was taped up. Kassidy went for a swanton bomb while doing the Hardy Boyz hand gesture, but Cage was able to counter and put his knees up. Luchasaurus tried to go for a double chokeslam but got hit with a knee tackle from Hardy. However, on his second attempt, he was successful.

Jurassic Express won after Jungle Boy got the snare trap on Blade. This is an important win for the trio of the Express and Cage ahead of their PPV match against The SuperKliq.

Final Thoughts:

This was a super entertaining episode of AEW Dark. The commentary duo of Excalibur and Taz is entertaining to listen to, especially with such a long show.

The matches were good, but one big negative is that most trios and tag team matches had the same formula of isolating someone for the longest time which led to a hot tag.

The best match of the night: Too Fast Too Fuego against The Factory.