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Saraya: Triple H offered me opportunity to wrestle or have GM role in WWE

The former Paige in WWE indirectly confirmed an October report.

In a new interview, Saraya said that after her WWE contract expired last July, Paul "Triple H" Levesque offered her an opportunity to either resume her on-screen general manager role or even return to the ring before she signed with AEW.

That confirms an October Fightful report that stated as much.

In a feature for UK-based Metro, Saraya reiterated how much she likes Levesque and recounted their talk after her deal ended in July 2022 as he was surprised to hear it wasn't renewed by the then-Vince McMahon/John Laurinaitis regime.

"He did give me the opportunity to potentially be a GM again and give me the opportunity to be like, 'If you ever potentially want to wrestle again, I’ll give you that opportunity too.' He was very open about any ideas that I had," she said.

In her post-AEW talk with Renee Paquette, Saraya had said she had considered going back to WWE during that aforementioned time but questioned whether she would be "100% happy" in doing so. While she was happy about her experience in WWE, she felt she could have been used more in the five years after suffering her second neck injury that kept her out of the ring.