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Tony Khan AEW media call: NWA frustration, Owen Cup, Bray Wyatt


AEW head Tony Khan talked to the media for an hour Thursday to help hype up Saturday's Full Gear pay-per-view -- a call that included him airing some frustrations with the NWA on not recognizing him enough for what he did for their Empower pay-per-view.

When asked about his own women's division, Khan said he "doesn't get enough credit" for both sending AEW talent to the show and paying them, adding that he insinuated to the company that they should make that known. 

"It's kind of like when you pay for a dinner and no one thanks you," he said before later bringing up again that he has made great contributions to all women's shows and "they should have done a better job in telling people that."

Khan was asked again about any announcements regarding the Owen Hart Memorial Cup with him saying he plans on announcing some news on the Dynamite or Rampage after Full Gear as he didn't want to distract away from the card. He reiterated that winning the tournament and the cup was going to be treated as something big.

Other notable news and quotes:

  • He likes the four-hour length of the pay-per-view main cards.
  • The last time he saw Windham Rotunda/Bray Wyatt, it was briefly at last year at Chris Jericho's birthday party. He called him both a "wonderful person and great talent," but was non-committal on whether he would be coming to AEW.
  • He said AEW is planning on coming to the West Coast in 2022 for both Dynamite and Rampage. The goal is to have Double or Nothing in Las Vegas once again.
  • He said that if he sees things on BTE that he likes, he will work to bring it over to Dynamite, citing the John Silver/Adam Cole interactions and Hangman Page's "flawed hero" drinking character.
  • He didn't say whether he was interested in signing any Ring of Honor talent or buying the tape library but to stay tuned to his product because you never know.
  • He said there will likely be some visual tweaks when Dynamite moves to TBS in January.
  • He confirmed that they will hold a Battle of the Belts show and said they are going to kick off 2022 strong.
  • He credited Sonjay Dutt with helping put together the Lio Rush/Dante Martin vs. Matt Sydal/Lee Moriarty match Wednesday. He loves Rush and after he retired, he was in his ear to get him to return.
  • He said his relationship with New Japan is great and likely that more talent is to come as a result.
  • He reiterated the importance of the TBS title and to think of it as a sibling title to the TNT title.

To listen to the entire media call below, click below.

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