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Tony Khan: AEW will gross over $100 million in 2022

The news comes on the heels of AEW's third-straight $1 million PPV gate.
Tony Khan

AEW head Tony Khan said on Wrestling Observer Radio that the company will gross over $100 million in 2022.

"This is the first time there have been two wrestling companies that have the ability to be the number one show that night on cable and two wrestling companies that are grossing the kind of money...I'm not grossing a billion dollars, but I'm going to gross over $100 million this year. That's pretty unprecedented and it's been over 20 years since anybody is doing that. To me, success is sustaining it," he said.

Unlike WWE, AEW is not part of a public company where they have to reveal their finances.

The news comes on the heels of Khan revealing that All Out is his third-straight PPV that has generated $1 million in live gate revenue and that he hopes this month's Grand Slam will hit that mark.

Khan said he has had to be conservative with his spending, but that he feels the smartest way to spend his money is on talent.

Khan said when AEW launched, he had "eight figures in commitments across the roster."

One of those conservative areas is how he has done touring, which has frustrated some on the west coast of the U.S. and overseas with a lack of shows. Khan said he plans on doing "a lot more" west coast dates in 2023.

He said the price that he paid for Ring of Honor was less than what Jim Crockett paid Bill Watts for Mid-South Wrestling which Dave Meltzer said was $4.2 million.

One potential area of revenue is making their archived content available via a streaming service in addition to a weekly TV deal with Ring of Honor. When asked about a WWE Network-esque offering, Khan said he couldn't answer without running afoul of Warner Bros. Discovery, but that they are continuing to talk about both.

He also gave an interesting answer when answering critics that he is doing too much in AEW and in general.

"I have seen that the most successful way to run a wrestling promotion is to manage everything from the top down and not let people screw you. If you turn your back in this business, people will screw you at every turn, I've learned -- not just the people that work for you, but anyone from the outside if you show weakness," he said.