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Tony Khan 'considering' request to use AEW talent for WWE docs


AEW head Tony Khan said on a podcast Wednesday that he recently heard from WWE as they put in a request to talk to AEW talent for some upcoming documentaries.

While answering a question from Barstool Sports' Robbie Fox about whether he has met Vince McMahon, Khan revealed that WWE reached out recently about interviewing some AEW wrestlers that used to work for the company and others who "had history" there for some documentaries. Khan intimated that it might be for a second season of the A&E Biography: WWE Legends series that debuted this year.

He didn't provide, nor was asked, about who WWE wants to speak with or the timeframe in which they want to do so.

Khan hasn't granted the request as of yet, saying he is open to talking to them more and is "considering their request." He added they were very classy and has nothing bad to say about WWE. He cited the experience of Chris Jericho going on Steve Austin's Broken Skull Session on WWE Network as an example and that he trusted both men completely.

Khan said he has never spoken with McMahon.