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Tony Khan, WarnerMedia talking about AEW video library deal


During an interview with Barstool Sports Wednesday, AEW's Tony Khan said he is talking to WarnerMedia about a way for fans to watch their entire AEW library.

He hopes he will be able to make a solution for fans to view the entire library which will include past episodes of Dynamite, Rampage, Dark, past pay-per-views and the House Always Wins live event that has never been streamed. Khan didn't say when it would launch or how, but that it will be soon and that he has been talking to people within WarnerMedia about it. 

In a separate interview with Barstool on Tuesday, Khan said an update is coming soon on the Owen Hart memorial tournament.

With the recently announced relationship with the Owen Hart Foundation and the tournament for the cup that will be called "The Owen," he plans on making more announcements about that when Dynamite returns to Wednesdays later this month. They are running back-to-back Saturdays due to the NHL on TNT.

Asked about wanting to run Madison Square Garden, Khan said that appealed to him at one point but was very happy running Arthur Ashe Stadium at Queens, NY. He also put over their success in selling tickets at the new UBS Arena in Long Island where they will debut this December.

"A lot of of wrestling has been (at MSG) and we are the only ones to be at Arthur Ashe," he said, while saying he hopes to run more shows at the stadium in the future.