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VIDEO: MJF praises Tony Khan in post-AEW Dynamite promo

MJF went into full babyface mode in putting over his boss Wednesday.

After the cameras stopped rolling for AEW Dynamite Wednesday, MJF remained in the ring and called out AEW head Tony Khan, followed by nearly five minutes of praise for Khan's decision to start the company and how he's running it.

In full babyface mode, MJF played to the Bridgeport, Connecticut, crowd asking who they came to see (himself or AEW World Champion Jon Moxley) to get cheers. He then said that everyone knows "a lot of bullsh*t has gone on" and while admitting he and Khan haven't seen eye-to-eye, he has taken issue with something he has seen lately: criticism of Khan and how he's running the company.

"Imagine, for one second, if you had the opportunity to bring your love of professional wrestling out to the world and create an alternative. Would you do it? This man (points to Khan) right here busts his ass week in, week out to give not just you, but to give all the boys in the back an opportunity to show the world how much we love professional wrestling," he said.

After some "Tony" chants broke out, MJF continued.

"This sh*t is not ballet. Every time we get in this ring, we are risking our lives. Do you people understand that? We don’t take that lightly, and what I damn sure don’t take lightly is somebody coming in to my company, dropping trow, and taking a dump. That sh*t ain’t happening anymore because this is the place and the only reason why it’s here is because of Tony f**king Khan," he said.

MJF said without AEW, wrestling is a monopoly and while he loves WWE, "your favorite wrestlers don't get paid properly and don't eat properly without that alternative."

He then told Khan he is carrying the company on his back and he needs to pay up in "the bidding war of 2024" before urging fans to buy the pay-per-view Saturday. He teased shaking Khan's hand before just leaving the ring.