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AEW's weekly TV show to kickoff on 'key cable station' in October


First discussed by Jim Ross in an interview with WFAN Radio and confirmed by Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio Saturday night, details on AEW's impending TV deal are coming together and Double or Nothing might provide further clues.

Meltzer verified Ross' statement that AEW will have a live, weekly two-hour primetime show on a "key cable station" according to Meltzer beginning this October. The deal wasn't signed as of Saturday, however.

Meltzer said AEW was negotiating with two major US outlets and that an interest point for both parties was the ability to have AEW as a streaming property which includes events like Double or Nothing. He said both outlets have existing streaming services, and believes the ability to sell PPVs on it would be a key component of the deal.

Meltzer added that with Double or Nothing coming up on May 25th, it will become easier to narrow down who the TV partner is based on those streaming service options.

He also said AEW is working on an international TV deal which, when finalized, would be "pretty significant".